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  1. Both of the new sigs look really cool, I just don't like the renders. You did a good job blending them in though. The text on the killzone sig is pretty distracting but I like the text on the house sig. Btw, your current signature is freaking awesome!!! One of the best PDN sigs I've ever seen.
  2. Lol thanks Chrisco, glad you like it. To be honest, that sig came from the background of a render sig. You couldn't see the flower type thing before because that's where the render was. Then I changed some stuff so it didn't look like a render sig.
  3. Thanks Helen! I'm glad you like it so much. Some of the specks were from a stock set to a certain blending mode but I loved the way they looked so I tried to copy them with the pencil tool.
  4. Lol thanks. I'm not really sure either, some sort of ocean floor type scene maybe? I don't know, just thought it looked cool.
  5. Thanks everyone! Just wanted to stop by and post a new sig.
  6. Yeah. The stock was kind of LQ, but I think it worked out kind of good.
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah I made a bunch of different versions of my newest sig. The black and white one looked much better until I kept screwing with the contrast and brightness and now it's too dark. Just take my word for it
  8. I'm going with Mayor McSteeze's sig here. His sig has a more defined focal and is just more fun to look at. The colors are a little random though, and the text could use some work. 1-0 MM
  9. Yeah I like the colors more as well. Steven Jackson:
  10. those are pretty cool. text could use some work, but i like the rest
  11. Thanks guys. I tried making a sig but I couldn't fit it in the way I wanted too. I'll try again a little later.
  12. thanks for the suggestions. new photo manips: I like the second one a lot more. The orange at the bottom right kind of kills the first one imo. Couldn't get it to go away. Other than that I like the vibe from the first one more.
  13. still totally bummed about losing all the cool stocks and c4ds from my current sig :'(
  14. Really hideous text... D: ... Comments?
  15. i like the evil lurks sig a lot. the first sig has pretty cool render effects, but the colors are sort of out of the ordinary.
  16. Thanks everyone! And Chrisco, yeah that's sort of what the stock looked like. It was like 5 players huddled together but then everything else was darkness and the person who requested the sig wanted that certain player as the focal.
  17. Thanks Chrisco! Quick update: So these are the only sigs I've made since I got my new laptop. I'm super rusty and I'm having to completely restart so it's kind of hard. I made these for a San Diego Chargers forum that I just got permabanned from
  18. Haha I gotta start doing it now. Well this kinda sucks, it's pretty hard when you don't have any of the stocks that you normally use multiple times in each sig. Ehh
  19. Thanks everyone! Whew. Alright so I got a new laptop, but I lost all of my .PDNs and stocks. Ugh. So I'm going to download Paint.NET right now, I'm gonna have to find some non-psd stock packs later.
  20. Woah. Very cool Chrisco. Rachel, that's pretty cool for a 100% pdn sig, I wouldn't be able to do that lol. But I like the detail in Chriscos sig more. 1-0 Chrisco
  21. Thanks JC! As for the laptop, it isn't looking so good so when I get a new laptop expect a completely different style lol. I'll probably lose all my pdns and textures and nebulas and stufff.
  22. Thanks guys! Just when I was getting on a roll too...... lol
  23. Thanks! That would suck if I lost all of my pdns and plugins and stuff. I doubt it though.
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