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  1. postet it, I like it but have no idea what others think about it
  2. Not sure if i should... or just take my new one for the sigbattle...
  3. I lieke both of yours ptuz and barbieq, I tried another abstract but I think its a kind of newbish when I look at yours
  4. So i finished this tut, very great work barbieq... but I have great problems with the highlights. Here's my pic:
  5. Because of the fact that I missed some Basics I decided to go through more tuts... here's my result:
  6. loool, haven't seen it, thanks barbieq... i fixed it
  7. hopefully its in the right place for my first abstract pic... but I havent any idea how to start... so this is the result of my "playing around with effects" think its kind of honeycromb or something like this
  8. Both sigs are on a very high level, very nice work. @major: I really like the colours and the way like the renders matches the background. @chrisco: same as major do you used the render for the background too? edit: here's a new one
  9. nice job chrisco, again How do you make the lighting and blends, perhaps you can pm to me the pdn-pic so I can have a look at it.
  10. I like the fire and flames sig, looks very cool. @intoxicated: good beginning with the second render but I dont like the colours in the background. Here's another one from mine: Thougt about to make a text but thougt it would be better in this way.
  11. Just walked through the forum and falling about this gallery and I'm.... just wow, just awesome work. Can't say anything else...
  12. @aguba: Very harmonic pic, everything fitts very well
  13. @barbieq and welsh: great work the textures are awesome the tiger wings belongs to the tut you have made i think. Very nice craetions!!
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