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  1. hehe, faster than lightning. good battle i think. Couldnt say who would win because the sigs are so different.
  2. Cant say anything else than chrisco and heat, mattz you make great steps with your sigs. matts 3 tarat 0 #winner: matts I've made a sig based on a photoshop tutorial, so here it is:
  3. Can't believe I could spend some time on a new sig and i just wants to enter with it. Btw, i liked both of the 2 sig from sharp and Chrisco, very great work.
  4. postet it, I like it but have no idea what others think about it
  5. Not sure if i should... or just take my new one for the sigbattle...
  6. I lieke both of yours ptuz and barbieq, I tried another abstract but I think its a kind of newbish when I look at yours
  7. I have tried something new and wants to against mikes sig: how do you like it?
  8. The second signatur is better than the first. The colors there matchs the render more than in the first. This perspective banner looks very nice to me. Btw, perhaps you can write a tut for making abstracts, those works are just beautiful.
  9. You should rename yourself in Teacher_McSteeze :D
  10. The render of stones sig is too much in the background, but like yy10 said it has potential. Nothing to say against Chriso, you know that I love your sigs. Chriso 2 Stone 0
  11. sorry stone but I think so too, the sig is far far away from your current one.
  12. So i finished this tut, very great work barbieq... but I have great problems with the highlights. Here's my pic:
  13. Because of the fact that I missed some Basics I decided to go through more tuts... here's my result:
  14. This very difficult to say... First of all I like both sigs so its more my personal opinion to which one's the best. Even if Chrisco dont like the noise its my favorite so... Stone85: 1 Major: 1
  15. Think I just need 6-7hours to sleep, yet it works The new sig is much better, like this. And electrons is beautifull, very nice work in all pics.
  16. @stone: I think you can't make a post like "enter with my current sig". You have to post it in the post I Think this rule is because when you change your sig, no one have an idea which sig actually meant with this. btw. Think I have to improve my english skills
  17. I prefer the sig of ptuz. like the colours and the render. Mike is getting better but the render and the background didnt fit. 3 - 1 for ptuz #winner: ptuz
  18. I likes the sig too, very cool... only the text has to be improved...
  19. loool, haven't seen it, thanks barbieq... i fixed it
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