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Mayor Mcsteeze's Gallery! New Project Update! July 15th, 2011.


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Yep, very nice indeedy! Love the shape & the colour. Font should reflect the name of the image. For example, if I was doing a delicate flower image I wouldn't use a stencil or heavy font.

You're doing great. LEarning fast & applying the things you learn. Well done!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Sorry guys that iv'e been out of comision for a while but i was in a pretty serious car crash April 15th.

2 broken ankles broken leg and enough broken ribs to feed a family of 5.

I probably wont be posting much new work for a month or so because im stuck on bed rest for a month :(

Hope to be back on soon but i gotta get back upstairs (which is hard to do with broken ankles :|)

Mayor McSteeze

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Hey guys!

Ive been pretty sick for a while but i finally had the energy to make a new piece.

(It's been almost a month now!)


Which One?


Oh and by he way, everyone that was involved in the accident on April 15th is now fine. The girl that hit me and my friends got out of the hospital a couple days ago and im very grateful for that. I still have some pain in my lower body but im doing loads better then i was before. Hopefully ill be putting up new pieces every week or so.

Glad to still be around,

-Mayor McSteeze

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Thanks Crisco!

I really like that piece it looks like he's getting sucked out of the picture. B)

Heres a new piece i call Sandstorm.


Tell me what you think.

( Im on a lot of painkillers because of my ankles so it might not be as cool as i thought.) :roll:

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You just looove to whine don't you!

I'm kidding.

Great pics. Good to see you back. Second Halo pic. Can't see the sandstorm pic for some reason :( Wish you better. Glad you and your friends are alright :)


- Any thoughts? -

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