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Splitting Images

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What I would do...

First split it into 3 images, using canvas size.

To do this:

  • take your original image, and go to Image> canvas size
    uncheck the "maintain aspect ratio" box
    set pixel size to 256 width and 128 height
    set anchor point to Left
    click ok...that will give you your first 256x128 image, the left-most image
    save it as a separate image
    then click undo, and repeat the steps, except setting the anchor point to Right
    this will give you your right-most image...save that separate
    again, undo...
    go to canvas size one more time
    then set pixel size to 512 width and 128 height
    and set anchor point to middle
    this will yield the middle of the image, which you will hopefully know how to get to the correct size...

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Or you could try using you rectangle selection to select 256 x 128 from the far left you'll be able to use the numbers down the bottom in the information bar. Cut that into a new image and do the same for the other two images except this time from the right side which leaves you the last 256 x 128 image and cut that into an new image and your done.

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Paint.NET does not support this feature, but the GIMP does have a Slice tool that allows you to "slice" one single image and save each slice as a seperate file.

Edit: after checking, I realize that GIMP does not have a straight-up Slice tool, but it does have 2 filters that do simliar things. They are explained here.

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