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I think reworking it could make a fine eyeball, using S3D.


That didn't take long :D

I used lens on the supernova, default settings. I used Rotate/Zoom to make the pupil smaller. I then selected the lensed part (put the cursor at the top left corner of the image [Height 0, width 0] then drag to the bottom right corner with the ellipse tool), pressed CTRL+Shift+X, selected the transparent parts around the orange circle, filled them with white, used Shape3D, added a dmall glow, duplicated the layer, selected the transparent parts on the bottom layer, pressed CTRL+I, used the rectangle tool

(:ShapeInterior:) to fill the selection with black, deselected, gaussian blurred it, and I was done!

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that was my attempt, think somthin went kinda wrong =\ looks alright though


sig by Thru and Yaff ty both

Pm me for my gamer tag, i'm willing to help on any game i hav mostly, i would probably b most helpful in Army of TWO (86% Beat) and Halo 3 (100% Beat) though

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Thanks a lot for this tutorial! I enjoy changing the hues on my explosion to make some cool other ones.

The tutorial was nicely written and easy to follow, I only suggest that you link to all the needed plugins at the very beginning of the tutorial so people know what they do/don't need.

Very nice job! :mrgreen:

Who the Son sets free, is free indeed.


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Dude,Awesome tut. It was easy to do and I liked it a lot. One of the best. My attempt was pretty crappy,I didn't get the color I wanted,but oh well,simple mistake. As you can see I obviously didn't follow most instructions...I went off and messed around for most of it....Awesomeness! :D


The Spawn of Hell


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