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  1. Merry Christmas! I got money and computer games...stressful computer games...
  2. Don't you mean Paint Dot Net? 'Cuz this isn't Photoshop :wink:
  3. Adjustments>Curves Then switch from "Luminosity" to "RGB"
  4. I tried again...but with a heart shape instead:
  5. Ah...I found it. i had to actually type in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects ...go Keara Thank you!
  6. Okay, I'm like really confused. Is there supposed to be like a PDN folder with folders like effects and stuff like that? I downloaded the Ed Harvey effects package, and then I looked in My Computer>Local Disk (C:) and it's not there..only the icon to open the program. Is there something wrong or is it like hidden somewhere in the deep depths of my computer? :oops:
  7. Here are my attempts: I like these better:
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