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  1. Er, it was DGC not DOC.Not sure what DOC would stand for...unless i was a doctor.It's the blurring that makes it round.
  2. messy blob? I'll help you out, but what do you mean by messy blob? Maybe it's the text you're using? I used Arial Black and font size 108, I also tried regular Arial but they both became blobs, the Arial Black after two and the Arial after a three.
  3. Will someone please help me?How do I make it so the text just doesn't become a messy blob?
  4. Simply love them.I am gonna use it in my computer classs!
  5. Nice job!Could never get the blackish outline to work though.Anyways great tut, I used it to make a cool looking logo for my firm.
  6. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!I can't get it to work!!!!!!!!
  7. Er is the drop shadow suppoesed to change the appearance?If so I need help.
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