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  1. Sorry, I didn't notice where my picture went.How do I get rid of these white spots? By Pupperooni
  2. Will someone please help out?My picture looks weird, can someone help me?
  3. Er, it was DGC not DOC.Not sure what DOC would stand for...unless i was a doctor.It's the blurring that makes it round.
  4. messy blob? I'll help you out, but what do you mean by messy blob? Maybe it's the text you're using? I used Arial Black and font size 108, I also tried regular Arial but they both became blobs, the Arial Black after two and the Arial after a three.
  5. Can't really get this thing to work.Could you have more detaild instructions?Like the squares to put curve dot things in as well as other stuff.
  6. Will someone please help me?How do I make it so the text just doesn't become a messy blob?
  7. Simply love them.I am gonna use it in my computer classs!
  8. Nice job!Could never get the blackish outline to work though.Anyways great tut, I used it to make a cool looking logo for my firm.
  9. Yea I did but I guess it didn't work.I'll try again. So why is some of it white?
  10. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!I can't get it to work!!!!!!!!
  11. Er is the drop shadow suppoesed to change the appearance?If so I need help.
  12. Help!Why is some of it white?!?!?
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