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  1. where is the text? ah... there... 7/10 ----------------------- everyday a new sig xD
  2. owd you make that? well, I looked at one of many sprite sig tutorials for photoshop, and tried to do them in pdn! instead of smudging I used the dents effect and some gaussian blur. the blue and purple things in the foreground are cinema 4d renders
  3. uhm.. a S and a Z... 6... sry, but i don't like it... to the next poster: you don't have to rate my avatar... it's just an animated sprite xD
  4. these are my deviantART stats: * 9 Deviations * 47 Deviation Comments * 12 Deviant Comments * 202 Pageviews
  5. interesting, but nothing special. I'll give you a 7.
  6. yay! I've tried to make a sprite sig in pdn (just for fun), and this is my result: xDD
  7. I tried to do THIS, and this is my result: It's nothing special but why shouldn't I post it here?
  8. nice animation, did you make the frames with pdn? 9/10
  9. i would take the black text with white glow... 8/10
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