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  1. Thank you, Rick. HP finally decided I got a defective OS install and sent me a new one....after 4 techs and dumb solutions to what weren't my problems?!? I should have just built my own like I always do. Oh Well...I have paint.net and I am happy.
  2. Sorry. I mis-typed, I meant 3.5 and 3.36 are listed as completely compatible for 64 bit.
  3. I went to the Windows 7 compatibility page and discovered that for 64 bit, the 3.6 version is totally ok. I installed it and have had zero problems. Oh BTW: HP was less than zero help.
  4. anyone else have trouble installing on a Windows 7 home premium computer? It installed fine, but now won't open or uninstall.
  5. Thanks Pyro!! Now I just have to play with it.
  6. I got the plug in from your deviantart site, but when I tried it I got this error message. (using paintnet 3.22) Any ideas? Thanks! File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\Splatter.dll Effect Name: pyrochild.effects.splatter.Splatter Full error message: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'PaintDotNet.ColorRectangleControl' from assembly 'pyrochild.effects.common, Version=1.0.2832.35228, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at pyrochild.effects.splatter.ConfigDialog.InitializeComponent() at pyrochild.effects.splatter.ConfigDialog..ctor() at pyrochild.effects.splatter.Splatt
  7. Yes Pyro--VA has a point.......not cool!! Not everyone knows or gets your humor AND not everyone in this forum speaks English as their first language. Just saying.
  8. I freely admit: In the past I have been a totally dumb, ignorant newbie BUT I did read the rules. Several times as a matter of fact because Rick referred me back to them when I made mistakes in posting. I have encountered really rude people in the threads, but for the most part, I have been treated with unbelievable patience. Even encouraged by David to go back to a tutorial he did and ask my question there, (I didn't in the first place because someone did more than bite in another tutorial); because there were probably people out there wondering the same thing. I think moderation in all
  9. OMG!!! Thank you guys! That was the best laugh I have had today! I actually snorted my pepsi! Thank you!
  10. BUT back in MY day this was way too true !! Hey, it is nice putting faces to my mentors, no matter how old you are, (or how very, very much younger) 8) . Here's mine, :oops: (from when I was playing with the rose tutorial):
  11. Because of David, I went back intending to just correct my spelling . but here is what happened. When I try to do the second water effect, I guess because of the graphic I added, it doesn't come out right. Here it is with the settings at -Distance: 55.00 -Waves period: 12 -Duration: 100.00 Any suggestions?
  12. Critics !! GEESH !! Thanks, David 8) ..........I really didn't notice until you pointed this out. Guess I was trying so hard to do the tut right . Oh Well.
  13. Here's my first try. Followed your tut (except for the coloring, played with the gradient thingy) exactly for this first try. Pretty ok I think--at least better than my early first try as you can see .
  14. Here's an update. My computer got a nasty virus :evil: , despite AVG so had to do a complete re-install of my programs , (TG I had just backed up my data 8) ) and now shape 3-D works fine !! I will post my flower in realistic flower tutorial as soon as I finish it. yea!!! perseverance does pay off 8) !
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