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Animated Rain Tutorial

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you must save each frame as a different gif and then use unfreez to put them together. Make sure to make a copy of them(just copy and paste into a folder) because i hear that unfreez can mess images up occasionally mess(not harmfull to your computer, just damage the pictures) things up.

Each image must be saved as a gif and put in unfreez

I appreciate that response, however, that's not what I'm asking - I have done all that but when I'm saving as a .gif it asking me to "flatten" the image.. Is it suppose to do that?

I remember the author stated that you are not to save the original image cuz its layered and you can't do that to a layered one anyways.. So I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

The first part up to saving the images is fine. Its after that I have the issues. If you can try to simplify it some more - I'm not stupid so please don't treat it as such I am just not understanding that part.

Thanks for your continued help... I think you can call this the still rain -



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I used the same motive as you, darkshock, however, in order to make that happy picture look like rain, I lowered brightness, contrast and saturation.

And I did not make the rain so intense

Here's what I got:


Nice job. The tutorial was just for the basics on how to make a rain effect. I'm glad people are adding their own touch-ups for their raining effect. :D

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Don't shout and stop double posting. That's what the Edit button is for. Use it.

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