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  1. WOW! That looks awesome
  2. Creating Water Text in 10 easy steps.

    great tutorial!
  3. What I meant, it's not built-in. And, it's not perfect. I find the feather plug-in better. By the way: does nobody want to actually try out this tutorial? I quite hope the result would be worth it.
  4. Thanks. And yes, you're right. What a pity it is, by the way, that the Paint.NET team hasn't made an own antialias plugin yet. It's one of the most essential tools to smooth images. But the feather plug-in is okay^^
  5. Not for an animation.
  6. Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    Amazing. Real wheel. Splendid reflection. The shadow doesn't look too realistic, though.
  7. Creating Carpet Textures

    Ever tried reading the tutorial posting guidelines? Would be useful :wink:
  8. Make 3D glass filled with orange juice

    Looks good :wink: The drink isn't aligned very well, though. :idea:
  9. Creating EGGS with Paint.NET

    Great job! Looks ... cute
  10. Image Umbrella: Realistic Images

    Amazing stuff, yellowman. Really. :o
  11. Creating EGGS with Paint.NET

    No problem , you're welcome Thanks for the comments, folks!
  12. Creating EGGS with Paint.NET

    @nanettealsop: I think you maybe just miss the part where it says, "Now skip to Part 2". But I'm not sure. Maybe you could upload the image of the PDN history window. PS: I've uploaded the XML now.
  13. Creating EGGS with Paint.NET

    Tell me, where exactly does the egg stop being like the like my given screenshots? Very clearly, it's a rendering problem. When you apply those values in Shape3D, you must make sure EVERYTHING is like in the image. And you know what? I'm gonna upload the egg XML for Shape3D in a zip-file. I dare hope I won't have to integrate a MiniTut on how to use XML files for Shape3D, but that you will figure it out yourself. If anyone fails to load the XML however, I will gladly share this knowledge :wink: By the way: despite your egg lacking lighting, it looks pretty interesting. I daresay amazing @zephyros: nice chocobo egg !
  14. Creating EGGS with Paint.NET

    ah, just keep trying, mate
  15. Anaglyphs (3D Effect)

    I think, that despite this point, the picture still won't have different depth layers