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  1. Totally to be able to change into anything(: or. . .maybe flying.
  2. Is string theory really just string phsychologiclly advanced to make us think it's its own theory?
  3. Markers - A hilarious comedy about tiny little markers that take over their smaller cousins, the crayons. That was odd, tehe and i have something similer. CRAYONS
  4. Ooooh let the games begin I vote for: Sharp Reason: It's simple and sleek, and I love the color and the little ball thing Sharp: 1 SkullSplitter: 0
  5. Well, someone said "Why didn't PDNPatrick ask a question? So how did this other conversation start?
  6. Chad I think I liked the other colors, with the red and blue and green. But I still love your sigs. 9/10.
  7. ^ is kind of odd but okay then < wants to attack a desk v is going to take over the earth one day.
  8. My Gallery! Okay so I'm still a PdN noob...but yeah so here's my gallery. Signatures(There's a lot, just FYI.) Hidden Content: <--Favorite Avatars So I hope you enjoy my gallery
  9. lol just look at mah avatar now..
  10. That's what I did... Here's my new results! And tried to add "real" eyes. Lol the "Real eyes" one looks like an owl xD
  11. Haha i gave them a name, woodget xD
  12. hereis my attempt..well i shall post it when my mouse unfreezes so i can wait a minute or 17..this is getting pathetic. YAY! ok you might wanna click it and size it up because it looks so weird all smallified..kinda armadilloish.UGH REALLY? IT FROZE AGAIN. u.g.h.unmoving ..k i got nothing for g and h.