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Blur Brush (+Video)

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For as long as I can remember, I've always used Paint.NET .

The only tool he has always lacked is "Local Blur".

Judging by the Google search results, I'm not the first one who wanted to see such a brush in tools Paint.NET

Maybe it's finally time to implement this idea?





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Сколько себя помню, я всегда использовал Paint.NET.

Единственный инструмент которого ему всегда ни хватало, это «Локальное размытие».

Судя по результатам поиска в Google, я далеко не первый кто хотел видеть такую кисть в инструментах Paint.NET

Может быть, наконец-то пришло время реализовать данную идею?



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Replacing compressed video with high-quality animation.
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I have been waiting for custom brushes and smudge to be finally part of PDN for years. I'm sure there are those who have been waiting for a blur tool for years as well.


For now, there's this tool, that isn't perfect, but gets the job done.




Paint.NET Gallery | Remove Foreground Object Tutorial | Dispersion Effect Tutorial

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