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  1. Zanga, I don't know why I didn't think about moving it to another window altogether to manipulate it.... Thank you! I keep forgetting that has the capability to have multiple windows open and jump between them (and thanks for all the keyboard shortcuts too)! Need to retrain my brain to's new possibilities. 😁 Eli, No! I hadn't! Did even know I could! Never occurred to me as I'm so used to MS Paint's zoom tool just being a way to magnify. That also worked quite nicely. Thank you! 😀 Thank you both!!! Sooooo appreciated all the help from EVERYONE!
  2. Okay. Thanks. That is what I was afraid of. I really wanted to be able to start with a percentage reduction of the image (I'm trying to duplicate a picture but put in a different image reduced by the same percentage and was finding it hard to 'eyeball' it accurately), but the more I played with it, the less it seemed feasible. Maybe I'll try the algebra approach and do the math to reduce the actual pixel height to 87%, but I was trying to avoid that - lol. So, can I put in a "would love to see" request for a way to reduce a selected image by a percentage, or to have a 'percent of original selection' added to the status bar, maybe? Anyways, I really appreciate you time and advice. God bless!
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. Okay, the size does change, so it would appear it's resizing both layers (and changing the zoom) at the same time. Can I not resize the image on one layer independent of the other layer? I'm trying to resize the image on layer 2 to fit in a frame on layer 1 so would like to resize and tweak in the one file if possible.
  4. Hi, I'm a pretty novice user when it comes to, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing this right. I'm in Windows 10 using the App and have a picture I'm trying to reduce the image size of by 87%. I have two layers and after selecting the layer I want, I have tried using SELECT ALL and square select tool, respectively, to select my image, but the result is the same every time. I pull up the resize box, select the percentage option and type 87 and enter. The image blinks, and I see the layers in the layer box jump as if they are switching places (but they don't), but on the screen the image size remains unchanged. The file size, however, is reduced. I saw something in the beta thread about a Windows update 1903(?) correcting a resize issue for another user, but I have both that version and the app store says my app has been updated, so I'm not sure what to do next. Any ideas? (I have used the shift+drag method to reduce a picture before, but I need a specific percentage this time, and I don't see anything that shows a shifting percentage while I'm dragging, just the pixels(?)xpixels(?) size)
  5. Never mind - didn't load correctly the first time, but tried it again and it worked. I'd delete this post altogether if I could.