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Moderators Note:

There is an alternative plugin available by @otuncelli that supports Layers.




SVGImport FileType

This plugin requires that InkScape is installed. Download

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Added note about alternative plugin
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And... now what? How does it work?

Edit: Aha. You should make it clear that this is a file type, and should go in the FileType folder.

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So, if I open an SVG image in PDN, then save it as an SVG it rasterizes it?

It cannot save as an SVG, I have still included the flag due to a problem I had a while ago when only one flag is used - if you try to save it will send no data and give you an error message.

And why does it need Inkscape? (Which I have.)

It uses InkScape's command-line interface.

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Frankly spoken, this plugin does not make that much sense.

1.) The benefit of vector graphics is that you can scale them losslessly.

2.) This plugin opens the SVG in a fixed size without allowing the user to choose a custom size.

3.) You have to install Inkscape to use this plugin.

4.) Inkscape allows you to export your SVG as PNG in a custom size.

5.) So if you need to install Inkscape anyway, you shouldn't use this plugin as Inkscape itself provides you the important features which this plugin lacks.

This is how a SVG import interface should look like:


Considering that a 35 MB download (= Inkscape) is required, this plugin is a little poor.

GIMP does not require additional files, I believe.

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From what I can tell, you're on the wrong forum. This thread is about a plugin that allows paint.net to import svg files (a vector graphics filetype)


If you want to change your raster image to vectors, Inkscape has the tools for it. Open up your image in inkscape, select it, and go to "Path>Trace Bitmap..." (hotkey: ctrl+shift+b ).

This will give you a menu of options to choose from. Play around with it until you find a result you like.

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@Basil Baaziz, this thread is 6 years old 🤦‍♂️


And even then, the original discussion is 12 years old. Someone already necro-posted in 2014, I don't know why you're doing it again in 2020. This thread is dead.


Don't do that. Please go read the rules.



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