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  1. LOL after seeing all the negative comments here I was confident it wouldn't work, but lo and behold I had no problems at all! (And I usually have a low first time try success rate for these kinds of errors.) Thanks, because I can't see why after all these months of using Paint.NET I hadn't gotten drop shadow. (Oh and Aeonix's post above had me laughing, no offense to anyone)
  2. I understand what you're saying, if you have Inkscape alone you can do all this. (and much more.) They could be done without PDN. So yeah, it is not practical, but I like a lot of stuff in my file dialogs drop down menus. Hidden Content: u_f.l:s|b ERROR
  3. So, if I open an SVG image in PDN, then save it as an SVG it rasterizes it? And why does it need Inkscape? (Which I have.)
  4. So, does it rasterize the image, or are the properties retained, or exactly what happens?
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