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  1. LOL after seeing all the negative comments here I was confident it wouldn't work, but lo and behold I had no problems at all! (And I usually have a low first time try success rate for these kinds of errors.) Thanks, because I can't see why after all these months of using Paint.NET I hadn't gotten drop shadow. (Oh and Aeonix's post above had me laughing, no offense to anyone)
  2. My God, it is particularly sad for me because he was the first person to reply to my first post on this forum. I wish him well. (Does anyone know what age he was?)
  3. I remember when I used to make themes for the W200.
  4. I tend to notice everything, especially ™ signs (which is kinda weird.)
  5. I can't believe what Max Power did. Why isn't he the director of a movie? (or is he?)
  6. Hope you aren't trying to imply that it's lame. :?
  7. Notice Simon Brown put in the ™ in his reply title. :wink:
  8. He should get to enter dudes, I think it's unfair to change the rules, so, a nay.
  9. Aww... Hi guys, it's working now, on my 32 bit OS. Sad no one else replied though.
  10. Um does the Source Code work for others? I get some errors. (In Codelab)
  11. But where do you draw the line? Please explain! Maybe I should start where I want to, then drag the four nubs to curve it. :LineCurveTool:
  12. Plus C# is not one of my "Sharp" points. Just PDN is great so I could learn it. And I have been on the forums a while now; and I don't see why I would hurt PDN like those other malicious developers. I can't learn if I keep getting the worst error codes in the history of VS2008. And what is "PHP-ERROR" in my top post?
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