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Resizing of an image request.

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I'm trying to make a friend of mine a t-shirt for her birthday using an online website on which I can design my own one.

I am trying to use http://img356.imageshack.us/my.php?image=faceam2.png as the design, but I'm having a bit of trouble.

Obviously I don't want to use the picture on the shirt at the size is it at now, i've tried resizing it but its always at a nasty resolution and looks very pixelated, something i dont want!

So my request is, could anybody please resize this image to about 170x170 and make it so its not so pixelated? And also if possible make the background transparent!

Any help is much appreciated!



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Hey dcss, please edit the title of your post so that I won't need to close it -- please see our very important [rule=6]rule #6[/rule] for an explanation. "A small request" is simply too generic of a thread title, and it hinders things like organization and searching. Thanks.

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