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How to deep-fry an image

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This is my first tutorial on how to make a deep-fried meme. Find out more about deep-fried memes here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/deep-fried-memes


You will need the following plugins:

Camera Trouser Flare by Stuart Radforth

Overblur by John "Red Ochre" Robbins

Curves+ by Zach "Pyrochild" Walker


For this tutorial I will use this image:



Step one: Run Overblur and crank the overblur all the way to the right. This will sharpen the image. Then set the blur radius to 5. Repeat with a radius of 1. (You may need to adjust the last radius depending on how big the image is)



Step two: Open Curves+ and choose the "Hot" preset.

1058091848_carlcooldeepfry2-min.jpg.092a94b67f258318e3371f9a7b7d8ac1.jpg(This image had to be optimized, but it's alright.)


Step three (optional): Use Camera Trouser Flare and position the flares over the eyes to make it look dank. For this tutorial I will use the "Blue" type.



This tutorial is over. I hope you like it, cause then you'll have finally learned how to deep fry images. Thanks!

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Improving the tutorial a little bit
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Big McThankies From McSpankies!

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6 hours ago, Joshua Lamusga said:

Of course, @lifeday. Trix was great when I was a kid. I guess it's not just a breakfast cereal anymore.

And @Seerose Great application with the lantern image.


@Joshua Lamusga


I didn't know Trix until then, I made a mistake myself, I wanted to write "I tricked". However, I see that My "Work" and your "Trix Booklet" go well together - laugh


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Nice results everyone :)


@Sakana Oji Well, I learned something today.   I'd never heard of Deep Fried images before :lol: and thank you for the tutorial ☺️






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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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3 hours ago, lifeday said:


@Sakana Oji


Thank you for your praise, but I found the flame difficult. This belongs to the tut and I wanted to be able to apply it :-)))))). And practice makes perfect!

It's probably because the flare position isn't syncing properly, you have to use trial and error or a bit of button clicking to get it right

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Big McThankies From McSpankies!

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It's a plugin. You use it from inside paint.net.


Plugin installation instructions: https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/36-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting/

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On 6/21/2020 at 1:55 AM, JujyZeus said:

i need to know how to get overblur without downloading a plugin pack


i have no plugins

ummm i can give it a go if it is without plugin

so, 1. drag the image in there.

2.add a little bit of gaussian blur.

3.go to noise, and add some noise to it.

4. go to photo and add "sharpen"

thats all. the image should look less deepfried, but it still works. (sorry if it is with a plugin, idrk but i think you can do it without plugins like i just did) 

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