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How to deep-fry an image

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This is my first tutorial on how to make a deep-fried meme. Find out more about deep-fried memes here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/deep-fried-memes


You will need the following plugins:

Camera Trouser Flare by Stuart Radforth

Overblur by John "Red Ochre" Robbins

Curves+ by Zach "Pyrochild" Walker


For this tutorial I will use this image:



Step one: Run Overblur and crank the overblur all the way to the right. This will sharpen the image. Then set the blur radius to 5. Repeat with a radius of 1. (You may need to adjust the last radius depending on how big the image is)



Step two: Open Curves+ and choose the "Hot" preset.

1058091848_carlcooldeepfry2-min.jpg.092a94b67f258318e3371f9a7b7d8ac1.jpg(This image had to be optimized, but it's alright.)


Step three (optional): Use Camera Trouser Flare and position the flares over the eyes to make it look dank. For this tutorial I will use the "Blue" type.



This tutorial is over. I hope you like it, cause then you'll have finally learned how to deep fry images. Thanks!

Edited by Sakana Oji
Improving the tutorial a little bit
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Big McThankies From McSpankies!

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6 hours ago, Joshua Lamusga said:

Of course, @lifeday. Trix was great when I was a kid. I guess it's not just a breakfast cereal anymore.

And @Seerose Great application with the lantern image.


@Joshua Lamusga


I didn't know Trix until then, I made a mistake myself, I wanted to write "I tricked". However, I see that My "Work" and your "Trix Booklet" go well together - laugh


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Nice results everyone :)


@Sakana Oji Well, I learned something today.   I'd never heard of Deep Fried images before :lol: and thank you for the tutorial ☺️






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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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3 hours ago, lifeday said:


@Sakana Oji


Thank you for your praise, but I found the flame difficult. This belongs to the tut and I wanted to be able to apply it :-)))))). And practice makes perfect!

It's probably because the flare position isn't syncing properly, you have to use trial and error or a bit of button clicking to get it right

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Big McThankies From McSpankies!

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