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Selection Problem

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I selected the outside region using the Magic Wand with a tolerance of 10 and inverted the selection. I then used the Lasso to add an extra pixel that was missing. It worked surprisingly well, considering how close the colors are.





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I'd make a new button from scratch. Webdings font + characters 3 & 4 in the Buttons plugin....


chanel button.png



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Keep in mind there's also TR's Alpha Cutter plugin. You probably won't need it in this case, but will prove useful for more tricky images.


45 minutes ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

I'd make a new button from scratch.

In another thread he said that he need the buttons specifically from a TiVo remote control, so a new button wouldn't fit his needs.

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I such a case does not help an automatic tool like the magic wand tool. Also the manual freehand selection with the lasso tool is too unreliable.
I therefore recommend to create a new layer and paint the shape of the button as precisely as possible with a striking color like red. Then select the color in this layer, move to the original layer below, and cut the image. The auxiliary layer can then be deleted.


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