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Well, I don't know if this would be worth calling a *gallery* yet - hopefully it will develop into one over time, because up to now I only worked out tuts, and I posted the results already in the corresponding threads. So I won't put them up here once more.

But lately, I did something quite on my own, made in PDN from scratch, no stock involved. And I thought I put it up here, as this is "my first work". (Granted, I used to make pics with a similar technique with *the other* P-software, and I tried to "translate" it into PDN... but I guess that's still okay, not?)

When you have a look at these pics, please bear in mind that I have begun to use PDN only very recently.... and in "normal life" have nothing whatsoever to do with graphics. ;)

Anyway, this is the piece of work from which I cut out parts for my new avatar/sig.



Signatures and avatars

--- Old ones, actually among the first things I ever did after I got PDN:



Signatures I use sometimes to "sign" my pics:




--- The most recent ones made from cut-outs of the above abstract image



Update August 10, 2008

Here's one I just turned in for a little contest: 34eah6f.jpg

Abstract images - playing with colors and effects




(using a tut from here which didn't quite work out the way it was meant to be, so at least I "pimped" the text a bit)

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Yes, everything I show here is 100% PDN - made from scratch.

The Ethnotext thing was supposed to come out as "firey text" (there's a tut about it in the tut section), but something went wrong, and I don't know what and where. I got so frustrated that I decided to take the text as is, duplicated the picture and on the 2nd level started to play around with effects until I got what I have now.

I don't know if I can reproduce it (remember what I did) as I didn't take notes. *lol* I'm a beginner, you bet... :wink:

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Thank you to Crimson. He/she(?) helped me yesterday and today with creating the kind of "frame" around a picture which used to be my favourite one when I still was a PS user.

For practising reasons, I took the picture from a "too easy" tut and tried to get the kind of frame I wanted.

Thanks again, Crimson, for patiently explaining how to do it! :)


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Thanks so much for the appreciation, but I can't believe you said that. I'm not an artist at all... just a playful soul who likes to take it easy! This first picture up there was really easy to do -- actually I had done this technique some years ago, following a PS tut (so you see, it's not even my own "invention"). It was not 100% reproducable in PDN, but I did my best, and I am also quite happy with the result. But really, *artist* is not a term that would suit me. :)


Today I played a bit with the Gradient Polygon tut.


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You mean if the color of the drop shadow would be that dark turquoise like the top edge of the buttons? (The color I started with?)

Good idea - when I get time, I see if I can try it out. I should have the PDN file with all the levels open and no drop shadow added yet.

So it shouldn't be too much work to do that. Just let me know if I got you right before i start.

Thanks for the feedback, I feel quite honored that "someone like you" even took notice! :D

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I just re-did the pdn changing the drop shadow on the inside to the color I used for the button ... but because I'm tired, just made ONE single button ... it would require a bit of time and long breath to also redo the presentation thing completely, it's too late, and we're in the middle of the work week... so maybe I'll work it over on the weekend, we'll see.

Just the question mark button as an example... I think it looks MUCH nicer this way!!


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*argh* I just forgot this one, even though I thought of it during the process of altering the inner drop shadow!!!

But doesn't matter, I now have the pdn file with all open levels and the turquoise drop shadow .... and the drop shadow around the button is being made after flattening (that's why I forgot it in the end).

Shoot... getting older can really be a pain in the butt sometimes... :? :mrgreen:

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