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  1. Nice tutorial here's my button
  2. The download link doesn't work i get a 403 error Please fix this...
  3. I want a tutorial on your avatar too... The picture/wallpaper with firefox looks really nice as well...
  4. I like your stuff... My favourite is the one with the olympic rings nice glass/metal effect...
  5. marc

    Kat's creations

    I like the one called "Aiming at Quality" i think it's a nice mix of colors.
  6. marc

    LJXD's Gallery

    I like Above the Earth it looks so simple when you first look at it and then after a few seconds you see the beauty and all the details in it... I like a whole lot of round things too...
  7. I really like your digitized dragon but some of your abstracts are really good too...
  8. Nice stuff i actually like your hand/mouse drawn wallpaper the most and i think maybe you should have made the text hand/mouse drawn as well... Anyways good job looking forward to seeing more from you...
  9. I like the bart one it looks real nice like he's trying to be a gangster and then this big guy who really is a gangster comes and helps him out making him look more gangster... Good work
  10. I really like your owl... The first time i saw it was in the fur/texture tutorial by ash and i thought great job but just never took the time finding your gallery so that i could tell you how awsome it is... But then today i was just browsing throgh the pictorium watching amazing art and your gallery was there so i thought i would drop a comment and here it is...
  11. I like your CD Fat Chance hehe... Your Fat Chance wallpaper is nice too and rocks just like the rest of your stuff i really admire your work hope that i will be able to make such good work one day...
  12. I really like your stuff and it looks like you're good at free-hand drawing...
  13. marc

    marc's Gallery

    Added entry image =) And rearranged the pictures for a more professional less scrooling design...
  14. Nice tutorial... Great for making things stick
  15. I just wanted to show you this halfway finished tabled that i made. Instead of Jumbling i just left the texture as it was and edited it a little and voila a table without legs(they are on there way i hope). This is not finished yet i still need some work done on the bowl and maybe add some more details. BTW nice tutorial Jerkfight
  16. This is what i made with your and fragments the power of the wind or what?
  17. I need some help on finishing my wizard... he needs hair and the beard doesn't look right.. And maybe the nose is a little long...
  18. nice stuff you got there i really like the first one
  19. marc

    Ava first work

    I like your picture it looks so clean and simple
  20. Where is the stickman in your new avatar? (he have been there since i started and now he's just gone )
  21. I like your sig it looks so simple that it looks good
  22. marc

    marc's Gallery

    My Rhinocreros (something is missing to make it look right i just can't figure out what - and it is not the body)
  23. I like some of your stuff but with the teeny TVR you should only use ink sketch on the car not the trees. I like your last picture the most
  24. marc

    marc's Gallery

    Woohoo got new sig Matching avatar coming up
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