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  1. This may shock you, but Peacock of Happiness was a total mess to make. So many random effects... It is actually my least favorite of my work but every one has different tastes. Thanks for the opinions everybody!
  2. Topezia, I like your picture a lot. The fireworks look great and everything fits nicely, but maybe try some different coloured fireworks. _________________________________________________________- This is my piece "City of Soundwaves" that I like the most of my work.
  3. You are my favorite artist on this sight. I love your first piece... breathtaking...
  4. Thanks for all of the comments. I really appreciate the feedback. With the names, I no longer "brand" my products. Putting words on them of any sort seems to take away from the piece so I am now staying away from them completely. My favorite out of all of my pictures would have to be "City of Soundwaves".
  5. I really like your work. Abstract and tasteful. Keep it up, I expect great things from you.
  6. Yeah, I'm starting to get away from polar inversions. I used them way to much a while ago but my newer art doesn't have it as much ( they are not in order of creation )
  7. Hi, I got paint.net about 3 months ago. Since then, I have created numerous abstract pictures. Please comment on them... - Beyond the Mirror - Pick of Destiny - Twisted - Blue Tunnel - Magma Studios banner (used exploding planet tutorial.) - Electric Ocean - Double Flame - Fading Dream (used wave tutorial) - Tunnel of amazing Feats. - Lucky Clover - Umm... - Swirl of Pop - Sea of Lightning - Peacock of Happiness - Molecular System - Inside the Snake - Flames of a dying world - City of broken hearts - Alien Waves - Alien Forces - City of Soundwaves - Really simple picture, but I liked how it looked... So, I decided to keep it! - Laser Show (I tried to put something in the middle but nothing fit... may update though...) - Happy birthday, a picture I made for a friend. I know it could be a bit better but it had to be finished by 12:00 and I started at 11:31... - Forgotten Realms - Edge of the City (Not my best work but I said I would update daily...) Paint.net truly is the best thing ever! I am loving it and have given it to everyone i know! Please comment on these pictures and say which you like best. All pictures are 800x600. If this is a problem, please say so...
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