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  1. They have wonderful quality! Really nice, Jake!
  2. Thank you all! I'm really glad that you all like my new tag.
  3. You never showed me the Snowboard one. lol That one looks so sweet. Awesome job, mate!
  4. Everybody has their ups and downs. But if you would see the original stock you would say, Thank god, he used the Soften Portrait effect. The original looked so lame. You would've not believed it. Plus, there was absolutely no blur effect involved in the making of this sig. Just so you know, I like to work with stocks, much more than with renders.
  5. Erm... Pfff... Good question. Your sigs are amazing. So I'm guessing that you are pro. I don't know. I see your sigs and *bam* wow!
  6. As far as I know. There is already such tutorial.
  7. Good. That means you can do the first video tutorial for our Paint.NET YT Channel. Come on. Get to it!
  8. Bioshock for the win! Nice piece there, Lego. Nice lighting. 5/5
  9. @ Lego: Very nice signature here. The render is well blend. The lighting is perfect. In a scale of 0 - 5. I'm giving this one a 4.8/5.
  10. That my friend, that is so amazing! Well done! 5/5
  11. Thanks for comment on mine. Tip for your render. Don't squish and stretch it. Doesn't look all that good. The background is good looking. But I'd work on that, too.
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