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  1. It's been quite some time, since my last desktop background. Here is my newest one. Flakes - 1000x600 Link To Image
  2. True. I have to agree with you. Personally I dislike the smudging on the left side. Thanks for the comment.
  3. Thank you for those kind words! Much appreciated. Really glad that you like the "blue" one.
  4. This work got me an A in art class today! lol Can you believe that? It's just a bit of smudge and text. That is all! And I get an A? I mean, I'm happy about it, but lol. Now my art teacher wants me to do 1 - 1 Tutoring with Paint.NET. We use PS and Paint.NET in school. But I choose to work with Paint.NET. 8) Let me see if you guys would "agree" with my teacher. V1 V2
  5. Thank you! It's actually the Hitman text, but it really does look like the matrix text.
  6. I could. If I could find them. But I can't, I forgot to back up all the files before I"re-did" my laptop. Sorry. Maybe you can find them here @ Brusheezy
  7. New tag! Also my first PS work. Really proud of it. No tutorial. Matrix White Border Black Border
  8. Thanks tHs! I'm working on a new avatar. So I'll bare that in mind.
  9. I thought I'd try something different than "normal" tags. Still you like it tho.
  10. New tag. It is simple. But looks good in my opinion. Watch
  11. They have wonderful quality! Really nice, Jake!
  12. Way to much glow/shine for my taste but it looks good. I'll give it a 7/10. Hit me!
  13. Seems like that Ash got everything under control. Thanks anyway, LJXD.
  14. Well there is a tutorial somewhere in the Tutorial section. lol I followed that and changed the color. I think it's called "Neon Highway" or something in that direction.
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