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How to distort a shadow

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Instead of explaining what I want to do, here's an example from the Harry Brown movie poster. I want to be able to do this sort of shadow and then fill it with something cool.




I understand for this particular example, it's been painted (or photographed in a way to create this shadow) but I've seen a video here on the forum how to do it and I can't find it anymore. The video was about another effect but the user (how I wish I knew his/her name!) finished things off with a shadow. They stretched it this way and that way, rotating it back so it looks like it was on the ground. It was glorious.


I've tried the shadow plug-in but I lose too much because of the main subject. I tried TR's Distort This but it doesn't let me stretch it to make it bigger. I tried rotate/zoom and not getting what I need.


If I could only find the video again! I get a feeling it was posted by MJW or Cc4FuzzyHuggles though. Maybe?

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29 minutes ago, Red ochre said:

Afraid not.


This is going to sound uncouth but I'm terrible with names, especially usernames, but the member with the Beatles-like purple avatar with the huge 70s mustache? I forget his name but he might have posted that video.


It featured a girl standing on a wooden pier at night – that's when he made the nifty shadow. I remember a lot of (possibly freehand) stretching and distorting.

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Hmmm - now I'm curious as to what video that was .............


Meanwhile, perhaps this Plugin:  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1900-shadow-effect-plugin-updated-for-40-on-2015-03-23/&page=1



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Here is a sample from me.
Because "Shadow" produces a very blurry shadow without good edges, I used another way. After duplicating the cutted person and filled with gray I first used "Oblique", then "Perspective", "TR's Distort this" and last "Gradient Blur".




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