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Hiya everyone...I feel like such a n00b for asking this, but does anyone know how to make a really nice looking heart with paint.net.

I have been trying to make one forever now...and I can't even get close, plz help

No problem!

1. Click this link (WhichSymbol) and download the (original) WhichSymbol plugin (found at the foot of the first post).

2. Unzip it and then place the *.dll file into the /Paint.Net/Effects folder.

3. Start PDN.

4. Choose the colour you wish the heart to be (red in my case).

5. Go to Effects Menu > Render & click on the WhichSymbol plugin.

6. Enter these values: Character 89, font size to suit, Webdings (=1 on the slider), to get this result:


Good luck!

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