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Hello Cliff & Welcome to the forum welcome.gif    .  What exactly do you want to do to the area in question?  There are many Plugins that can 'alter' an area and if you let us know which effect you are looking for, we can direct you to the particular Plugin.


i.e. There is a Plugin called AA's Assistant which can smooth edges ...... this can be found here.

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Hardly surprising, since Cliff seems to be following the standard practice of asking the question with as few words as possible. People who expect others to take the time to answer their questions ought to be willing to take the time to ask clear, detailed questions.

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We're here to help. Newbs get special attention because we all remember how hard it was when we were starting out. CLIFF asked a fair question IMHO.

Oh, and don't forget that Mods and Admins have *special powers*. BoltBait showed some pretty cool insight to come up with that answer. +1 BoltBait.

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I'm sorry if I was overly harsh with Cliff (which I probably was), but I wish people would spend a little more time explaining what they want. I don't know whether or not BoltBait actually answered the original question, because I don't know which of the many possible meanings of "'fine- tune' the selected area" was intended. Stretching and rotating are just a few of the operations that might apply. It might also mean add or subtract from the selection; smooth the boundary of the selection; or even, as Pixey interpreted it, modify the selected pixels. All those are fair questions, with different answers.

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