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  1. I see the exact same as BoltBait. The shapes work fine but the previews are cut off for these 3 shapes. EDIT: I also have the same problem with the "handles".
  2. Poor creatures Down Under. But you know it's not their fault because they've had less time to evolve as species around a human-dominated environment. Their instinct is not yet advanced enough to warn them that Homo Sapiens are toxic.
  3. Great, Max, I like. But the video actually subtracts from the music. I listened to it a second time, without watching, and I definitely liked it better. EDIT: I could not resist this. Here is an example where the video adds to the brilliance of the music.
  4. Try the "my plugin set" linked text on the first line of the first post
  5. Friday evening... In bed with my runny nose, sore throat and this:
  6. Interesting! Thank you very much, ReMake. Some will know by now that I have a soft spot for "Color" plugins. Isn't "Color" the obvious answer?
  7. I think it's exactly what you're looking for. Setting your preferences in the Settings menu will do just what you want.
  8. International Women's Day today. This particular example of the fairer sex was my first teenage crush: In my eyes, she still can't go wrong.
  9. Add a new column to the right of Column B, and a new column to the right of (the original) Column G. In the new column C, type in Cell C2 a simple formula "B2+X", where X is the number of pages to offset the first page to be folded (in my example 25). Click on the bottom right of Cell C2 and drag to fill the rest of Column C with the formula (like EER describes above). Repeat with the new Column I, starting with typing the formula "H2+X" in the new Cell I2 and then dragging again to fill the rest of the new Column I.
  10. Thank you, toe head. This is a nice compliment to MadJik's Frames. IMO, it fits better under Effects -> Render (like Madjik's). Would you consider combining the two into one?
  11. If only someone with that sort of talent were to read this..
  12. ... and my favourite: Advanced Color Replacement
  13. nadnav, I agree. The workaround I describe above works fine for Fixed Size but it does not help when selecting Fixed Ratio. My "it's always been this way" comment was just an observation and not meant as justification for the way PDN works. Rick, Thank you for the fix and all your hard work.
  14. David and Mick doing their bit, following the lead of their good friend Bob..
  15. "Flip" and "Mirror" mean the same, in my mind. "Rotating 180 degrees", on the other hand, is not the same. So much for questioning things
  16. This has been PDN normal behaviour as far back as I can remember. To make sure I select edges and/or corners, I use 2 different workarounds: 1a. If I need to select the whole width of an image and part of its height, I use the Rectangle Selection tool and set it to Fixed Size. I set the selection width to a size larger than the image width and the height to the exact size I need. I then click just outside the left edge of the image canvas to ensure that the whole width of the image is included in the selection. 1b. The same applies of course in case I need to select the whole height and only part of the width. In this case I set the selection width to the exact size I need and the selection height to a size larger than the image. I then click just above the edge of the image canvas. 2. If I need to make an exact size selection to include a corner of the image, I draw a Fixed Size selection on a new layer, keeping away from the canvas edges. I fill the selection with black, deselect, use Object Align to place it in the canvas corner I need to copy. Select whole layer, copy to clipboard, delete layer (or turn visibility off). Back on the original image layer, use Alpha Mask. The workarounds need a few more clicks but I use them all the time and I learned not to complain about trivial inconveniences.
  17. To answer this: Paint.NET uses your secondary colour to fill in the space created when the canvas is enlarged using Canvas Size. So, the simple solution is to set the secondary colour's Alpha - Opacity value to 0 (zero).
  18. Plane tickets and hotel accommodation for a 4-day shopping trip to Athens for 4 people, on January 2nd. That was the cheap part. I dread the bill for the shopping part.
  19. Santa left a 2-cigar leather case/holder under the tree. There was no name on the wrapping but nobody else wanted it.
  20. DataDink, thank you for the update. I hope you did not read my post in the wrong way. I only linked to the thread of the other plugin to make my point regarding the placing in the menu. There are plenty of examples of plugins that offer similar actions/solutions, but each one works in a different way. Even in an extreme case where two plugins produce identical results, a different UI is enough to justify the presence of both. Therefore, I agree with Fuzzy and EER. Every plugin is useful, each in it's own right, in different situations and for different users.