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  1. Hi Reptillian, ardneh & Rick!! Ah! Thanks. Will give it a go this evening once things slow down. Sincerely, Flin
  2. Hi Reptillian! Ah, BLESS you, mate! How do I install? Sincerely, Flin
  3. Hi Rick, Yep, yep. I follow. Is there any document-focused app you think I could try? Reptillian! Ah, thanks. Looking forward to that. Sincerely, Flin
  4. Hi, Oftentimes I'll need to illustrate something by hand. Color of paper cream color. Once done I'll try to scan the pages. Whenever I use the Auto-Level feature on the scanned results the colors come out REALLY intense - to the point of being unrecognizable - so that even the hand-written number 3 with a circle comes out like this: https://ibb.co/k1CM70g The best i could do is to reduce the scanner to 75 DPI - then hand modify the Levels' center column left side. That comes out pretty well. But, for lots of pages, it's a lot of work. Any time I use the Autolevels, the results are seemingly unusable. What do you think is happening? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I had to reinstall Windows. I had worked on an image and was sort of using the "Recent Files" list lazily - not REALLY seeing where I had saved the file. Sort of just counting on it being easy to find. With the reinstall, of course the list is cleared. I have an image of the OLD os. Is it possible to reach the data that stores the Recent Files list? I can browse to any location on the old OS image. The file structure is totally browseable. Just need to know where that list is. If I can open the list, I can find the file information. What do you think. Possible? Sincerely Flin
  6. Hi, Got it! Thank you! Paint Dot Net is THE BEST! Hugely useful. Sincerely, Flin
  7. Hi, Recently re-installed win10 and paint dot net. Right now whenever I open an image there are three other small dialog (name?) boxes which open as well: colors, history & layers. https://imgur.com/a/UbVFquC How can I define which dialog boxes open by default with every image? I need just colors and layers. Also, whenever I'm working on the road and I need to rely on just my laptop's small monitor, the colors dialog box is a BIT too large. Is there any alternative? For me all I need usually would be: https://imgur.com/a/TEKWnuR Sincerely, Flin
  8. Will do. Thanks again. Can't IMAGINE how busy you must be! Thank you for taking the time to help and advise. :))))))))!!!
  9. Also, if the video card itself is the issue - can that be changed in a laptop? I mean, is there a component there? Or, is it just get a new motherboard?
  10. Hi Rick, You're right! I had brought up the refresh rate too high. Taking it down to default resolved this. Generally speaking, I'd like to run it at 75Hz. Is there anything you think I could do to keep it at 75Hz generally, and then just 60 for PDN? Sincerely, Flin
  11. Hi, Since the most recent update, whenever I select any part of an image I get a kind of flashing across the whole selection. Here is an example: https://imgur.com/UofK2jG What do you think is happening? Sincerely, Flin
  12. Hi, The link to the extracting program from MS did the trick! T H A N K S ! ! ! :))))))))))))))) Flin
  13. Hi, Ah! Thanks! Will give it a try. If it doesn't work you wrote: "Finally, try running the installer again." Is that the installer for the latest version? Can you provide a link to the installer you mean? Thanks again! :)))))))))))))))))) Flin
  14. Hi, Can't upgrade to the latest version as I am missing an installation package: https://imgur.com/wFD5Z9K What would be the best way to fix this, or get a copy of the file? Thanks! Wes
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