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  1. Seems like you've been keeping busy .. again! It's great to see something new popping onto my screen whenever I visit your gallery. Just picked up your tag logs and am hoping to kick back into PDN. Keep up the great work!
  2. They already cracked that, and SecuROM, and Live and SC. But I doubt they can still play online - hopefully they won't. Darn, I want that upgrade, now. Gotta wait till next year ..
  3. Spent a lot of time trying to get Grand Theft Auto IV to work. Fixed the bug with black, flickering textures and the issue with missing textures .. although I still crash at about 30 seconds after playing. Just when I was on the edge of snapping my neck, I decided to Google a bit and found out that it wasn't my fault. Darn, Rockstar*; why release a game so unstable?
  4. Spectacular work, as always, tHs! I'd love to possess your .pdns, so I could analyze them and pick up your great brushing skills.
  5. How can you not love meat? :shock: When summer is near, I become very anxious since I can't wait for the grilling season .. mmm.. chicken ..
  6. Nothing since I recently found out that I had bought a PSU with an insufficient amount of power. I need to buy a new one, although I have only 600 bucks ( - my slang term for my country's currency, not to mistake with USD). I was going to buy GTAIV and L4D, but seems like it will have to be pushed forward for a while. Well, I sometimes play LFS at evenings since it's maybe the only game I can still play.
  7. For me it's absolutely extraordinary. The lightning, it's perfect and the depth makes it so life-like. Simply put - amazing.
  8. Snowstorm .. Wohoo! Too bad it's like only '-2' outside. I want to skip school!
  9. You don't. AFAIK, PDN doesn't support custom themes. The one you saw was probably just a piece for presentation reasons, not the real thing.
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but you can give your text a nice boost of definition with the 'Film' plug-in which gives it a nice grunge feeling to it. It kind of reminds me of the scrambled picture you get when losing a connection to a TV channel. First off, you can download the plug-in from over here. So, open up your piece and write out your text (by my experience the effect you will try to achieve works best on white color). After you've done that, duplicate the layer. Apply the Film effect on the top layer. Calibrate the settings to your liking and render the effect. Next, click on the bottom layer and select everything but the text with the 'Magic Wand' ( ) tool. Keep your selection selected and click on the topmost layer and lastly, hit delete. Here's an outcome on how the effect should look like.
  11. B - A small door breacher does wonders, but not really my cup of tea. A pair of lockpicks would be more suitable to my liking.
  12. You should get L4D, I'd be delighted to play with you in the future. D:
  13. I'm between a hard decision - too many good games to buy. At Xmas I'm going to get GTA IV and then I have to buy Orange Box and Left 4 Dead .. although right now I have money for only the first.
  14. I was playing the Left 4 Dead demo yesterday .. all day. With my classmates and then with my clan members. Freaking funny and epic. I think I'm ready for another go at it today. Zoey is so hawt .. :]
  15. Who needs food anyway? Speak for yourself! I have a burger in the kitchen, waiting to get eaten!
  16. So, I was attending to my appointment to the Orthopedics the other day. Well, unfortunately, I was told that there was basically no other alternative as effective as an operation. Although, being 15 (accelerant in fact), I can't be scheduled for a surgery. I was also told to watch out when swimming. Since my shoulder's bursa and it's capsule is perfectly tight I was told that it might be because of my body not being able to keep up with my growth. Now, when exercising, I have to use some special dressing to keep my shoulder in its place. And .. I depicted the operation was something along the lines of screwing a bolt into my shoulder, when actually they're going to 'cut me open' and remove a small piece of my muscle, so the shoulder is unable to dislocate itself again. /endofboringlecture
  17. Well, if you're going for a pixeled look then I think it looks pretty good. Edit: I forgot to add, the topic is kinda in the wrong section since this is for personal galleries and such. If you're looking for opinions/help on your work, then you might want to try the 'Image Hospital' which can be found at the top of 'The Pictorium'.
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