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  1. Ignoring the drugs, there is nothing wrong with hippies in my point of view. I'm 13, yes i know its bit wierd for someone of my age to be so in touch with alternative beliefs of the 60's and 70's/ I was born into a house full of alternative music . From Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. I was merely 'trying' to joke around. I'm not making fun of them, nor do I hate them - they're great. And about the band - friggin' awesome, some of my favorite bands you pointed out there. GRUNGE/ALTERNATIVE IS TEH WIN!
  2. :oops: Thanks .. I made it, gosh, I don't remember how long ago.
  3. I feel like it's missing something. At first I thought I didn't quite get the depths and focals right on the render. Any opinions?
  4. So, are we going to see another phase of the 'Big Depression' where the whole World blames America and America blames the World? God, I love history. No offense intended, of course.
  5. 'Resin', the gluey stuff in your ears when you haven't washed them for a long time.
  6. Rant: I think I have to revert from 8.7 to 8.6 with the ATi Drivers. Hmm, I might also try 8.8 and 8.5 today ..
  7. I jacked you one, but the cops confiscated it since it was previously used on a drug run. I want a mudkip.
  8. I don't even have an USB, in fact, I have never used one either. DVDs FTW!!
  9. My guess is that they want you to read through the rules entirely and understand which rule you have broken. QFT! Zeon, you should try re-posting your wallpaper issue here .. Link
  10. [55] Centaur [75] Dragon [55] Griffin [20] Minotaur [55] Vampire [55] Werewolf Don't mess with the dragons, bud.
  11. Meh, I always thought they were two different things .. University - a place where you do some serious studying and stuff. College - a place where to party hard! Darn those American movies providing people with false impressions. .. or not! ^^
  12. Well, at least you're lucky to have gotten used to it. And I'm lucky to be not in college! We don't even have colleges here, I think, only universities.
  13. Hmm, judging by the author's signature, we have a mythical RP 'fanboy' among us .. interesting. Name: Edwin Power: Is able to generate black 'shadow like' masses which resemble smoke/fog in roundish figures. Power may have lethal outcomes/results. The power also enables the bearer to manipulate the environment (push/crush objects). Class 3, perhaps. Skills: Able to blend in with the environment with the help of shadows and other dark spots. He's gifted with an intelligent mind which helps him maneuver in life threatening situations and in other matters. Eyes tend to flicker and glow in the dark. Looks: Short brown hair, light blue eyes, virile figure. Dark clothes: black pants and a thin V-collared T-shirt. White shoes. Side: Evil Edit: I've decided - I'll be 'Evil'.
  14. I'm using brushes I picked out of dozens of packs I found throughout DeviantArt - I had to convert them .. well, some of them. It's kind of difficult to point out the exact brushes I use. You'll just have to look around and find the suitable ones for your tastes. Thanks!
  15. I would've died. Seriously, I'm a heavy sleeper and sleeping is one of my favorite leisure activities. I can sleep easily till 2PM if necessary. But I can't live through a week without any good sleep. I've been there. Once, when I was younger, I had bad sleeping disorders for a week or so. It was so depressing and made me totally miserable.
  16. Worked on a new avatar. I think I messed up the splatter with effects - I think it became too blurry .. oh well, I might work on it tomorrow.
  17. Yeah, life can be a pain at times, but why do we always have so little time to rest?! No fair .. >.>
  18. Your sig is quite nice as well, and it has good staying power: you can keep it for a while and it won't get old. At least, I don't think its getting old. :oops: /flattered
  19. I wouldn't be able to keep up with the new posts if all of those members were frequent posters.. like I can do that right now. I drop by every day, couple of times, to take a glance at the 'Overflow'. School's taking up most of my time right now. Sozo, I see you've upgraded your signature .. I likez it. Hmm, that reminds me, I need to make a new signature one day .. I just might do that when I attend to my Autumn holidays ..
  20. I categorize most of my days as 'bloody potato'. I basically come home with a headache every day and then there's this big pile of homework and each day I have to see these familiar faces, some of which I wouldn't like to see. People with their lame jokes, huge egos and exemplary characteristics of pure 'idiotism'. It's quite difficult to find any meaning in the lesson's subject if 30+ people attempt to speak at the same time .. lack of discipline .. Well, at least there's good music and my self consciousness keeps reminding me that the weekend starts tomorrow .. wait .. I have a test at chemistry tomorrow and a Russian lesson tomorrow .. DARN IT!
  21. Rant: I feel like killing myself .. again. =|
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