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  1. hi when i try to use this plugin it always crashes.
  2. Very simple desktop backgrounds i made (1024x768). all i did was got the wallpaper off google and then edited it to make it brighter and a glass block effect. Click on the link to view the full size Human ... /human.png Orc ... /orc-1.png Undead ... ndead2.png Night Elf ... ghtelf.png Undead and Human ... dhuman.png
  3. when i use true feather the image will go blurry! into
  4. they take 2 long to load, ive got quite a few in there though. anyway to make it load faster?
  5. when i dwonload thme they're always .abr for photoshop. how can i turn them into .png
  6. where can i get some vector grunge brushes? thanks.