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  1. haha nice salu. Is he/she asian? edit: added a third option, he/she/it
  2. lol! reminds me of the time i got accused of drunk posting lol, but i really had just taken my sleeping meds :oops: Any ways, this piece isnt really up to par with some of my other work, but it uses a different method. I was proud of the way it came out , ill probably do some more editing and make it look better later on, but for now im pleased.
  3. I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing this image by now, but i decided to redo the sketch with AA disabled. For wat ever reason i basically decided to just redo the whole thing. I wasnt going to post this here, but im really happy with the results, i hop you enjoy it(i promise i wont post this picture again ). ^^ The major change was the face. I also added some different more spanish looking clothing , and a soccer jersey
  4. thanks for the comments janett . Well hes a mexican thats why he has one shoe . ^^ sorry bout that a little off color humor. Im adding a sombrero to him and redoing him with AA off. it should look much nicer . and ill give him a second shoe The gear picture is pretty much done except the middle doesnt look quite right, but iono what to do with it lol
  5. I have a phobia of really thick books , but any way my favorite book is a book about a man who fought in Vietnam, when he came back he had many problems, his solution was to convert to Buddhism and become a monk. The book went into buddhism a lot more than i expected but i really enjoyed this book. http://www.amazon.com/At-Hells-Gate-Soldiers-Journey/dp/1590302710/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1204678220&sr=1-4 At Hell's Gate By: Claude Anshin Thomas. We have our own little book club
  6. that actually looks pretty cool lego. Here's my final on my Spanish super hero . When i drew the sketch i used AA..... But i cleaned it up as much as i knew how to do lol, doesnt look to bad. the face is the worst.
  7. Thanks for all the advice , here's what i got so far, am i on the right track?
  8. do somthing like curmudgeon said soomthing like a spanish wrestler....do they wear sombreros in spain or is it in mexico?? i think its both, i no mexicans wear sombreros but im not 100% sure about the spanish
  9. Perhaps you should do a search at google or ask.com for the Mexican wrestlers...they always tend to wear something resembling a super-hero ive been looking , im not really sure what to do though lol, i want to use the bright colors, and i added a cape
  10. hmmmmm, i need to make a Spanish looking super hero. I have no idea how to do that lol, any one want to help me out? Here's a sketch of a super hero i did on PDN, i was just gona color it but i dont no what i should add lol. http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/superhero-1.png its just a funny fun project , so the more ridiculous the better. (feel free to mess around with the image, im gona try to do something, but iono how to draw a spanish super hero.)
  11. that is interesting , i personally dont have an opinion in this matter because...well just because...lol
  12. i paid you . I think is an argument more about ethics, what's right and wrong. Than about the specific topic. It seems like the people objecting to this, are objecting because they believe it is 'wrong' to imply a rule like that.
  13. looking good jerkfight, but something seems off to me, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe its the shape of the treasure box? The corners just seem to sharp. I just realized that to. On my next piece I'll be more careful it still looks good, thats just what popped out at me edit: also maybe make it a tad darker, it would look darker because the wood would soak in all the moisture.
  14. I think I may have written that quote wrong. What I meant was when I went to actual school teachers were always handing me things like cross word puzzles and word searches. I really didn't anything from these except a head ache from not being able to find a word. In my online classes, they still teach facts like 'who Bob Dylan played for before going solo'. But the don't through in all those word searches etc. Not really sure how to word it any better.
  15. looking good jerkfight, but something seems off to me, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe its the shape of the treasure box? The corners just seem to sharp.
  16. Have a penny I agree, I think it should be encouraged but not made a rule. But I think that the idea to some how make an incentive for adding a source is a good idea.
  17. I love taking my classes online, everything that in my lessons is information I NEED to know. They don't through in stuff I won't ever use, or things like word searches just to keep me in class longer. I don't have any home work. Well I guess you could say all my work is home work They don't give me dumb work sheets . I love it .
  18. I guess I'm technically home schooled, My transcript still goes through a local high school, but I take all my classes online through BYU. It's challenging a lot less stressful.
  19. Haha, you should have thought about going into the stand up comic business
  20. I think this a very interesting topic, I'm not a plugin creator and really don't know much about 'how to create a plug in', but I do have my opinion about 'rights'. I think that thats what this issue comes down to, everyone who creates a plug in has 'certain rights'. Making this mandatory would change the rights of the developer. I think that that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it could possibly discourage some users from sharing their plug ins. I am for this because I hate to see wonderful plug ins (i.e shape 3D etc.) discontinued because the user has 'disappeared'. I really liked the idea of not making it mandatory but making it highly recommended, and maybe add some kind of benefit for adding the source. There's my two sense. Kevin
  21. looking good milly, i notice you really like that diagonal paint brush , it looks good, but dont over do it edit: here's one i just did, really simple, but i thought it looked kinda cool, the quality isnt great in jpeg though edit: it might look cool to fade an image into the middle of that and create a focal point.
  22. so here's the piece ive been working on, i still cant decide what to put in the middle...., i really need some advice on this one. Thanks Kevin
  23. Can you wait until the next version? And the feature I suspect is the preview of where on the canvas the brush will draw (the blue box). i can wait . this really a cool plug in though . but im still looking forward to 4.0, cus i dont like that i cant change the color of the bursh etc now. but for a quick fix this is awesome
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