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  1. unfreez is a .gif animation program, its not related with PDN, though a lot of members here use it to animate there images.
  2. ive been having fun with Unfreez lately, so ive animated a few of my drawings, fairly simple but a lot of fun lol here's a real simple banner Then a couple smile faces i drew.
  3. maybe try .jpg, thats the most common. check out the help menu aswell. http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/index.html you might find that helpful -kevin
  4. i like it salu, but sabrown is right, it doesnt look quite right, here are some aliens i started a while ago i got bored of it lol
  5. thanks for all the input guys, i think maybe ill try to do something with a stock. the trick is to keep it your own.
  6. haha, thanks, its acutally my first animation, it took somethinking to get it right lol.
  7. decided to play a little mario haha edit: thers a little glitch in it, but wat ev.
  8. for the forum? iono mike said he was going to make some avs etc, i just was trying to find inspiration for working on my bands cd cover. Sigs are pretty easy to make so ive been making a lot of them lately lol in hopes of finding somthing i really like for an album cover
  9. Personally I've always wanted to convince myself to use stock photos and images in some of my art works. But I almost feel bad doing it. Therefore most of my work is 100% drawn by me, down to every last detail. I know there are plenty of people that don't use stocks, but I want to get my self to use them more. Not to use other people work, but to create some different types of images. I was wondering if any one wanted to give me their view point on using stock images, maybe it would help me, and stop me from questioning my morals . -Kevin-
  10. i thought id post something, cus i havent in a while lol
  11. @yosuhara: Is that even family friendly? Maybe I'm just not seeing what you were going for. But it seems a little risque to me.
  12. *Stupid question: How do you turn an image into a thumbnail? lol Here one I'm working on. I'm trying to create a CD cover for my band, I like this one, but not so much for the cover for this particular album, I want the cover to some how display the name of the band (Nascent Descent) and/or the title of the album (Standing Tall). I just can't figure out how to display either of these. Any one have suggestions?
  13. Are you talking about web banners? If so simply just create it how ever you want in PDN, if your asking how to make them links etc, then those questions are better for this forum, http://www.techsupportforum.com/. Kevin
  14. @Jerkfight: Nope adding a hint is your call :wink: I'm thinking about taking the scoreboard off, its just another thing to edit, i dont mind keeping it if people like it. But if not its gone , ill wait till tommorow, if i dont get any objections its gone
  15. First off, as far as i know, PDN does not allow you to edit text once you move on. (the same as MS Paint) Technically speaking you could shrink the text down smaller than the minimum size, but I doubt you could shrink it much, or even any, any still be able to read it. Kevin
  16. Another tattoo inspired piece. Needed a new background , it seems like something in missing, any suggestions? Its a background so i dont want to over do it.
  17. Me and sabrown100 have been talking about this, the guidelines aren't going to be strict, but guidelines may be created, just so know but wastes their time creating unnecessary tuts. Similar to how this forum is, except sometime tuts get created multiply times here and are simply locked, we are hoping to avoid having to lock so many threads
  18. *Mods this idea was approved by David.Atwell Hello fellow PDN members :wink:, In response to this thread: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=22643, our very own, Sabrown100 has created a forum directed toward, specifically teaching using PDN. This site will be a teaching tool, providing teachers with 'Child Friendly' tuts, and allow them to ask questions, and even to display their students works. The reason I'm posting here, is because My self, along with Sabrown are asking YOUR help. We need help from this community to get this forum going. This of course includes creating tuts, or even just friendly faces (well I guess user names) to see around the forum helping others. http://pdninclass.freephpbb3.com/index.php *Note this is of course not trying to replace this forum. This forum is strictly to help teachers teach with PDN. Please Help us to Help you! Kevin (wow, I just proof read what I wrote, must be feeling cheesey :wink: )
  19. awesome, thanks jchunn, a lot easier than i thought it would be , i was over thinking the concept. *also ash, if you stumble upon this, i would suggest adding this to your tut, of course its up to you, but ive now asked the question, and i think ive seen a few people ask as well. Just a thought Thanks Kevin
  20. My inspiration lately has been tattoes, Ive always admired them. This image is my version of a pretty common tattoe. I redrew everything and used ashes eye tut. edit: i really like this image, i might mess with it more, maybe evening creating a pastel or ink layer or something and blending the two
  21. lol, i love it. Sometime the simpl funny ones are the best
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