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  1. First of all, I want to apologize, because I think this question has been asked before, I used the search menu and couldn't find the thread. I'm creating an image with several eye's in it. I decided to use ash's method instead of my own for this project. My question is, can i add veins in the eye? I want settle red veins, not a ton of them, just a few. I'm a where of the 'vein' plug in, but I'm not sure how to put it together, any help would be great, if someone knows how to find the page where this was asked please send it to me and close. Thanks Kevin
  2. hmmmm, I never thought of either of those ways, great tips david, Somthing ill defenitely try. I'm not familar with plug ins and creating them, and i understand you can create a plug in to do everything, but i dont understand it exactly, any way thats not my question. My question is, is it possible to create some sort of plug in that basically would search an image for leaks then highlight them?
  3. I was working on an image today and I realized how much my art work has inproved. I was a MS paint artist for years (from ages 4-14 lol). In those 10 years I learned a lot. I finally started to expand my horizons and try useing some of the newer more up to date programs. I started with Photoshop, I signed up for the trial. When it expired I stumbled upon PDN, since then I've loved this program. Finnaly after two years of searching I found the right program for me. I've been with PDN for may six months? The first four months I was just getting used to the program. I would still draw like I did in MS paint, I could draw some amazing images, but they weren't up to par. Thanks to the PDN community I've expanded my horizon, now I feel my art work is like an artist's in 2008 should be. My skill at free handing on the computer really make my images look amazing (atleast to me, I don't mean to sound cocky). Everyone here has helped me acheive this, but I owe a special thanks to Rick for creating the program, and the mods for running these forums and keeping them helpful, fun, and safe. I also would like to thank Ash and Oma, one day they kinda teamed up on me, in a productive way. They basically said start using the tools PDN offers. In a very nice way . People had been telling me this, but for what ever reason the way Ash and Oma said it really made an impact and really has devolped my art work. Many Many Thanks, Kevin
  4. i added a white blend to the edge, does that look better? or does it need more? ill try changing the eye color as well. edit:the image is in the original post
  5. [quothttp]@Vlad Vampire (I missed his reply, haven't checked for a bit )- Yes, your main signature picture is 150 pixels high, but the very small user bar underneath it is 19 pixels high (IIRC), so you're over. The sig is nice, though. @K.Digennaro-No, I did not draw the body, I Googled "Superman", or something like it, and it turned up. okay i was just curious, because i drew a super hero a while back from scratch and i know how hard it is to make it look right . But still props on the image. Any ways, here's a dragon i drew today, the inspiration came from a chinese dragon tatoo. I really like where the image is going, many thanks to yata for the 'scale' like texture, but my image still seems flat, even after several gradients, any suggestions on a way to make the dragon look better? edit: wow much better, but still it needs something...
  6. another good suggestion , i wish there was a way to create a plug in or somthing that maybe turned the image into certian colors to make it obvious to see the leaks
  7. thanks a lot myrddin, if any one else has suggestions id love to hear them. Thanks Kevin
  8. you can think about it if you need to, but please dont forget lol.
  9. Yeah you got it topezia!! congrats Ill edit the score board after i finish my lunch , topezia its your turn to draw, have at it then post here, and also if you wouldnt mind sending me a pm with how you did it that would be great. Thanks Kevin
  10. How are you finding them now?In cases such as these, I select as normal, keeping on the selection tool to retain the blue selection overlay, zoom in to a reasonable distance and patch the breaks in the blue. Yes, it takes time. It may also be helpful to draw your lines (if that is what your are doing) at a line width of 3+, therefore a high tolerance (69% for me) is unlikely to penetrate prematurely. good suggestion, right now im basically just zooming in and searching the entire image, i try to make sure im not createing and leaks while im drawing, but it seems like i always miss something, i wasnt sure if there was a way that i could like invert the image or something in a bright color, this way the break would be much more visible, i used to draw in a bright pink with a black background then if i leaked i would see it, maybe ill go back to that.
  11. This CAN be done with PDN, the coding you will have to do on another program but the design can be done on PDN. I'm not sure about the exact demensions, but my guess would be 500x150, same as a sig. Just open a new image with the right dimensions, and start drawing away.
  12. hmmmm, I'm not clear of your question. But i think your leading toward this. Everytime you copy a new image into PDN it should be on a seperate, transparent layer :AddNewLayer:, This should solve at least one of the problems you are having, just simply click the new layer button :AddNewLayer: , before adding another image, this will also save you a lot of time if/when you edit the image.
  13. When I'm drawing an image, most of the time I will miss one pixel, there for when I try to select only the inside of the outline it selects the outside as well. I consider this a 'leak'. Most of the time I will find the leak, but it involves valueable time, and sometimes can take a while to find. I was wondering if any one knew a trick to point out 'leaks'. Thanks Kevin
  14. polar to rect correct, other two incorrect , this is a good one yata ( i might have to think of a different way to reward points, the current way is simple, but some of these harder ones deserve more credit for guesining )
  15. one point for ash, score board will be updated shortly. also yata, feel free to run this for your image, id be happy to help you. and of course update the front page etc. but feel free to take over with your image for now. ill jump back in and give you a hand. edit: fixed double post pol2rect correct, other 2 false
  16. we should decide whether the person who created the image runs the whole guessing thing, of if the person ( in this case yata, pms me the answer and i run it. any suggesitons?
  17. guassian blur +, but ill give it you another point . Yata its your turn to create an image, keep the rules in mind while creating, post the image here when finished. Thanks Kevin
  18. Nope , when i applied the last effect i was blown away i forgot it could do that . It starts with a g
  19. Not that i know of, creating drop downs is a coding issue. The easiest way to create a drop down menu is probably note pad, with this code. Select Category Home Music Contact Us Shows Pictures Copyright Info
  20. A forum designed to help teachers use pdn to teach children? I think that's a good idea, I think teachers need to be more specific with their requests though, this way we can help them more efficiently. For example, instead of saying 'I'm looking for children friendly tuts', say something like 'I need a tut on blending, something child friendly'. This then would give us an idea of what to create the tut on. Kevin
  21. one point awarded for you. also i agree with the PNG, so i added it as well. Thanks Kevin Good guess mike, clouds, then dents. 1 point for you (because clouds was already guessed.) Im gona give a little hint on the third hint because there are several plug ins that can go this effect. The hint is: BLUR edit: person to get score the most points on one image gets to draw the next image, if it is a tie then the last person to score a point gets to, so unless mike or yata guess the next effect the next image will be created by the next point getter.
  22. Hello Heather, First off welcome to PDN. You requested some tutorials that would display 'basic skills'. I want to clarify what exactly that means. As everyone knows PDN requires some what of an artistic skills but also it requires skill with PDN. I.E: Effects, tools, etc. So please clarify what you mean by 'basic skills'. I'm not sure if you have seen this tutorial yet or not, but wither wrote an amazing beginners tut, maybe this would be a good starting point. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21605 *Some of these tuts might be out there already. But I was thinking of some things I would teach if I was a teacher who used PDN. Maybe some of the following tuts would be appropriate. Blending Basics with Blending: Using different blending modes. Blending for beginners: Blending using different blur effects. Maybe some tuts on things like that would be useful? Let us know, I'd be happy to help in this matter. Thanks Kevin
  23. *This game is supposed to be not only fun, but also a learning tool, hopefully this game will teach users how different effects work, and the capabilities of the effects on PDN.* Point Of The Game *The point of the game is to guess the effects used in the current drawing. Take your best guess at what effects the image is made of. Don't worry if you don't get it right, it's a learning process. You can guess an unlimited amount of times, just keep in mind that you can't guess two times in a row. Here's an example of how this will work. Person 1: Random Lines and Shape 3D? K.Digennaro: Wrong Person 2: Random Lines and Twist? K.Digennaro: Correct. How to Win Well, in order to win you must obtain the most points. There can be 1-5 points awarded per round. (Depending on how many effects are used in the image) For every effect you guess correctly, you will be awarded 1 point. If you guess all the effects in the image you will receive one point for every effect (keep in mind the max amount of points is 5). If you guess all the right effects in the right order you will receive 2 bonus points. Points will be kept track on a 'Score Board'. RULES -Effects only! No adjustments! No tool Bar! -You can only use up to 5 effects on a drawing! (This makes guessing a little easier.) *Everyone rate their drawings (easy, medium, hard scale). Easy- Use of 1-3 effects in this drawing. Medium- Use of 4 effects in drawing. Hard- Use of 5 effects in drawing. -People may guess as many times as they want, but only one time in a row. -The first person to guess the effects right gets to create the next image. -IMAGE SIZE: 500x500 -No layer properties etc. -Layers may be used, but image must be flattened and saved as a *.JPEG or .*PNG. *Remember the point of this game isn't so much to create a beautiful image, but to teach some one something that didn't know about an effect. *Please let me know if you believe there should be rules added/subtracted. This is a new contest please give me your ideas. SCORE BOARD Current Image Rating: Easy, 3
  24. you didnt draw that, did you? edit: new av and sig leme no what you think, i like to keep them simple, yet sleek looking , used the matrix effect.
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