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  1. well wat i think is funny, is if you look out on the internet you can find torrents etc to download anything you want. But once you download it its illegal.
  2. Where did you live for a week? haha, grandmas house lol. it wasnt that bad of a punishment, its just something i dont want to do again lol, specially cus i already got caught once lol
  3. haha, it was a bunch of software, from auto cad, to photoshop etc. well i was only 15 so i got off easy lol, the cops basically came, and lectured me lol. but i got kicked outa the house for a week and got my computer taken lol that was the part that sucked lol
  4. Just now or 10 years ago? last year lol edit: i was dumb and i was bragging lol, and my mom found out and called the cops lol
  5. hmmmm, i forgot the gimp had an animator, maybe ill look at that in a sec, im trying out this guy http://sourceforge.net/projects/sonia/ im looking for free stuff now, or just paying for it, cus i got in some trouble for stealing software lol
  6. No, just the Mac dock. o okay. ive been using unfreez lately, i like that its so simple to use, but sometimes i feel its to simple lol, are there any other free programs out there for gif animation that allow you to do more?
  7. object dock basically simulates the mac skin for your pc correct?
  8. thanks guys, ill try it out, and mike, ill post the layout i was going for in the lounge. Thanks Kevin
  9. should we send a search and rescue team to go find wither and andrew?
  10. is response with the crazy people in the 'not spam' forum i made this little animation lol. I thought it was funny so i posted in here, the pill is teribbly drawn but try to read the text lol. Dont worry everyone I got bored, in my free time I came up with a cure to this awful disease Watch Closely edit: sorry bout the double post well, i think ill post this, its not finished yet, but iono when im going to finish it, my girlfriend knocked her brother out the other day by accidently smacking him in the face with a frying pan lol, so i started a comic strip for it lol. its not finished yet, but here are the characters, the guy needs to be adjusted, his arms and legs arent quite right. edit: wow the forums are slow today. any ways, here's a web layout im working on. i was hoping to get some advice on the artistic asspect of it. the color scheme was dark brown, baby blue, and orange. I like the color scheme, but i cant tell if i like the looks of this layout of not. any suggestions?
  11. Those users are? haha, yeah that is weird, i used to always see wither around here.
  12. looks good , i think i started this whole gear thing a while back...lol
  13. i think the pill ^^^ is calling your name david
  14. Crazy little smiley guy they are a lot of fun to make. cus you can just do wat ever you want'
  15. Dont worry everyone I got bored, in my free time I came up with a cure to this awful disease Watch Closely
  16. lmao, i think some the the pdn members are starting to go a little If ya know what i mean lol
  17. Right now I'm working on a web page, and I think I've learned enough about coding to start my images. But I'm not sure how big I should draw them in PDN. For instance how big should i draw the buttons? how big should the whole canvas be? Etc. any one know of a web page or something that gives you these? Thanks Kevin
  18. The Magic 8 Ball says... Not Likely okay, thanks bolt bait
  19. or you could just run the animations at the same time :wink: . Thanks for the advice guys. I think i know how to get around it, it would have just been easier if it was possible to layer the files with PDN. In the future will PDN be able to open and modify animated GIFS?
  20. Here's my question, recently I've been using PDN with Unfreez to make animated GIFS, is it possible to take say this image.. And place in on top of another animated GIF? And im not talking about as a like a background, but to get two GIFS going at once. I know I can do it frame by frame, but it would be much easier to make each animation seperatly then layer them. Is this possible? Thanks Kevin
  21. ^^looks pretty good, the image on the right needs to be featherd more
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