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  1. Hi, I'd find this very usefull: Select either the paintbrush or the pencil. Hold down shift. The first click on the canvas will now be the startingpoint of a line and every next click with shift-down generates a line from the last click-position to the current click-position.
  2. selection plugin

    Do you mean this: - you add a new layer and draw everything you want to have selected black - you run the plugin and everything on the current layer which is black, gets selected ?
  3. Burn Effects Plug-in Request!

    What are burnt edges? Could you show an example of it?
  4. Basic morphologic operations

    I think in no way, didn't know about it. But nonetheless usefull as I'll write at least 2 more plugins based on this.
  5. Hi, here is a plugin to perform the basic morphologic operations dilate and erode. More to come based on this.
  6. LocalHistogramEffect.cs

    I think the original code is more performant.
  7. How to loop over all sourcepixels?

    Yeah, sorry, wrote a bit confusing, I'm new to the API of Paint.NET and actually new to C#. I wrote only a few plugins for TheGIMP in C so far.
  8. Normalize and Egalize

    Updated a minor bug in both. Could cause problems with multithreading.
  9. How to loop over all sourcepixels?

    Oh, thanks for that hint. Yeah, sure, of course this can happen. I'll switch to OnSetRenderInfo then.
  10. How to loop over all sourcepixels?

    I stayed with my first solution with the flag. A private boolean, which indicates, whether it's the first call of the render-function. If so, I loop over so whole Sourceimage to determine the min- and maxvalues of the pixels.
  11. Mexican Hat Edge Detect

    The difference: The default one only detects angles in a certain direction. Mine detects all edges. See on the image, how some edges aren't detected by the default-one. The ui of mine is simple. Just a slider to controll the amount of noise-reduce. First image: Really nice result with noise-reduce = 1 and then normalized (See viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23154 ).
  12. Mexican Hat Edge Detect

    I don't know, how the default-one works. I think it goes in a specific angle with scanlines over the image and the result is the first derive of the pixels in this direction. Mine goes in x- and y-direction with the second derive and combines the two results (Laplace-filter). First, it reduces the noise with a gaussian blurr. -> Laplace-Kernel: 0 1 0 1 -4 1 0 1 0
  13. Mexican Hat Edge Detect

    Sure, but a different one with some angle-stuff.
  14. Normalize and Egalize

    Right. I updated the zip in the first post.