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  1. When resizing images, do the dimensions make any difference to the resulting size of the new image? Example: 5729x7354 'pixels' resized from 5729 p to 1000 p, as opposed to say 5000p to 1000 p. I mostly scale to 16-9 = 1600 - 900, 1778 - 1000, etc. 5729x7354 scaled to height = 900, width = 701, reset width (701) to 1600, = 16-9 Hope this question makes sense, , , , , -corne-
  2. Three brothers, 94, 93, & 92 yrs old live together. 94 has filled the tub, puts his foot in the water & pauses, Am I getting in or out of the tub? he shouts. 93 says I'll come up & see. ½ way up the stairs he pauses & shouts, Am I going up the stairs or down? 92 thinks, I sure hope I'm never gonna be as absent-minded as those 2 clowns, 'knock on wood for luck!' He shouts, I'll come up and help you 2 out after I go see whos at the door, , , , ,
  3. Watching a british series "Patrick Melrose", I'm on the 5th (& last) episode. Its like 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', but mainly in England & France, little bit in NYC. British black humor at its best. Not for everyone, , , , ,
  4. Why my avatar eyes look so, , , ,
  5. Can you view/see the complete portion of what you want on your computers screen? (use ctrl + or -). Use/hit 'Print-Scrn', in PNet, 'paste', tool = rectangular select, copy, new, paste, save as "", walla! I save lots of 'cartoons' & many do not allow 'save image as', sooo, print scrn, (I have pdn arise from the depths with 'on my computer' = F8), paste etc, etc, , ,
  6. A couple of Brit tv series. Prime Suspect, 7 seasons worth. With Helen Mirrin, most excellent production. Another season more recently, different actress, also british, also excellent. The Night Manager from a spy novel by John Le Carre. Also well done, follows the novel closely. (the novel is a good read too). 6 or 7 hours long.
  7. Didja know, every fourth frog is a leap frog!