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  1. If you do it a lot, you get used to it. I prolly coulda done the whole pic in 2-3 minutes. How I've always done it. (I do it a lot!)
  2. I remove like this: (takes a while I still use 3.5.1, old!) Line white, "all the way around" (edit: a sample here of pic.) (rec. select from above, duh!) Not showing, but Magic wand 26% (<-default for me) (edit: added blue background) White is -gone- (on my comp = checker pattern) Magic wand at "maximum without selecting everything" (for me was 68%) White is -gone- (on my comp = checker pattern) antialiasing enabled = smoother edges. (I rarely disable antialiasing) I have not added more than 1 or 2 plugins, dont even remember which ones, , , , , (edit: added blue background)
  3. Watched "Victoria and Abdul", Funny & sad at the end, I really enjoyed this. 9/10
  4. Still have my 'Asahi Pentax Spotmatic' I bought in 1967 + lots 'o' Asahi attachments inc, 300 mm auto Takamar lens "Slik"tripod etc.etc. Camera batt ended up costing (non mercury) $17 ±. Have not used it for decades. Still have two Nikon 'Nikonos' waterproof cameras with lots of attachments. Had a 'Durst' enlarger, its long gone. First digi was a Canon "Power Shot Digital Elph" <- cost $700!! One of the first small digis, I really liked it, it had an optical viewfinder. Thats why I never got really into digi foto. (digi screen only), (actually still have it somewheres, full of dust, the (?) image chip (?) moved & pics came out 'trapezoid' shaped. I do have a Samsung S860, its pretty old, tho it suits my needs. I miss the darkroom chores, one had to work at creating a finished photo, not just,click, click, click, print. Not knocking photographers, , , ,
  5. Seerose saw!! Look on top or under, stare (?)
  6. Open this full screen on your monitor. now, step back 15 feet and look again. Who do you see now?
  7. Before either cloning an hdd with PDN already installed, or, starting from scratch, (complete OS + + install), That is, cloning to or new install to SSD, I just want to know if, (its been a while since I've had to install PDN!), PDN can be installed on other than the drive containing the OS? (ie C:\). Its my understanding that writing is what makes sdd's die sooner as opposed to reading. How many here have PDN on an SSD? -corne- (edit: I never have issues/problems with PDN!)
  8. Grip it so as the clamp is NOT on top of the heads, you have only to edit out to the edge of it. Color select next to what you dont want & use line tool to remove. Does this make sense? (my thought process tends to be convoluted)
  9. Last night I watched "Foreign Correspondent", a 1940 (yes, very old!) Alfred Hitchcock movie. Movies of that era generally were 'cookie-cutter' flics, this one is most excellent for the era!!!
  10. Find, download, and install SP-3. (XP-32) If XP-64, " " '" SP-2 I run PDN 3.5x on XP-64, went online to install it, "unplugged cat 5 cable" Been offline for 5 years, no anti-virus etc, PDN works flawlessly!! <- XP-64 with 8 gigs ram) Have it on W-10, (latest version at time), truly dont like it. (D-L plugins, etc, etc, with this computer. Anti-v scan & move with thumb drive)
  11. I use 3.5xx, yeah, I know its old! what about "Ctrl Shift Z" ?
  12. "Rocking chair Daddy" (#8) my favorite'+Chair+Daddy.mp3 The album is "Swamp Root"
  13. Werewolves of London