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  1. cornemuse

    mouse pointer size

    I finally gave up & use "CTRL" to flash where the pointer is, , , , , (Mouse Properties/Pointer options) -c-
  2. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    From a welding site I frequent:
  3. cornemuse

    The Comedy Thread

    Downloading here is simplified to absurdity, I was about to give up, , , , but persisted. Its getting like MacDonalds, the cash register has pictures of Big Macs, Large Fries, etc.
  4. cornemuse

    installation problem

    Try turning off win's firewall, then install. This worked, finally, for me, , , , , (turn it back on!)
  5. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    A (free) screensaver from W-95 & 98 days, similar to a coupole of seerose's imgs. without the color! Quite mesmerizing, , , , , (It works on my W-7 comp, didnt try 10)
  6. I have a shortcut to my mouse settings in my start menu to slow down the pointer (pointer options - speed) I am addicted to my logiteck marble mouse, and anyways, slowing down the pointer gives very precise pointer movements & reseting is quick and easy. I've worn out 2 of 'em over the years. I carry one with my laptop as I can rest it on my leg, anything available, & use. I am curious, who else uses a Marble Mouse?? -c-
  7. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    Few I ran across: Blue circle: stare at the dot, , , , , circle eventually dissapears
  8. Its a bit tedious but I use line/curve tool width approxametly set '1' for every '100' image height (image, 'for example' 1000 x 1000, brush = 10), choose white color. go around your image carefully. Once around, set width to '4', go around again,. For more, set width to '2'. I said its tedious!! Set 'Magic wand' at low enough tolerance so as not to 'select/highlight' any of your image & delete the white. Use 'lasso select to remove remaining 'everything else' around your image. I rarely 'save' images, I 'save as' & add "n" to the name & always save as PNG or PDN file. (n = new) (for me) CTRL - A & copy this image, Select your 'new' background, 'Ad new layer', 'Paste', You can move your image around on your background to where ever you like. 'Save As' & change name (add another letter/number) to save. Hope this makes sense, , , , -corne-
  9. I was explaining how I solved my problem. How is my os dangerous to you??
  10. I have had a 'dot net framework' problem several times. the installer would start installing dotnetframework, then stop & undo everything back to square one. No explaination. What worked for me was manually installing 'dot net' manually & pdn installed no problemo. I need for XP & XP 64 bit (yeah yeah, I'm a dinosaur!!) -c-
  11. cornemuse

    Need help with layers

    Not sure here, , , take original (first) image & add new layer, paste/draw? 'whatever it is you want - bat calls' to image, Ctrl A - copy - New - ok - Paste. Now Ctrl A - Copy - New - ok - Paste. Save as (Ctrl shift A) give it a name, this should be only 'whatever it is you want' at the same aspect ratio as the original (first) file. Go back to original & delete layer, do same thing with all new 'bat calls' graphics. You can copy/paste 'em up (with new layer for each) My thought process is a bit unorthodox/convoluted, I hope this makes sense, , , , , Would take a while to show with graphics, I could if you want, , , , -c-
  12. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    This is neat! What I did was print it then hold it up & move it parallel to one set of lines '/////', then move it in parallel to \\\\ lines. -c- edit: you'll see!! have to print it tho, , , ,
  13. cornemuse

    Paint.NET is getting noticed!

    On a lotta forums I am registered on, When people ask, I always recommend Paint.NET. (FWIW, I have the newer version on a W-7 machine but still prefer (3.5.??) on my W XP 64 bit machine) -c-