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  1. cornemuse

    installation problem

    Try turning off win's firewall, then install. This worked, finally, for me, , , , , (turn it back on!)
  2. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    A (free) screensaver from W-95 & 98 days, similar to a coupole of seerose's imgs. without the color! Quite mesmerizing, , , , , (It works on my W-7 comp, didnt try 10)
  3. I have a shortcut to my mouse settings in my start menu to slow down the pointer (pointer options - speed) I am addicted to my logiteck marble mouse, and anyways, slowing down the pointer gives very precise pointer movements & reseting is quick and easy. I've worn out 2 of 'em over the years. I carry one with my laptop as I can rest it on my leg, anything available, & use. I am curious, who else uses a Marble Mouse?? -c-
  4. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    Few I ran across: Blue circle: stare at the dot, , , , , circle eventually dissapears
  5. Its a bit tedious but I use line/curve tool width approxametly set '1' for every '100' image height (image, 'for example' 1000 x 1000, brush = 10), choose white color. go around your image carefully. Once around, set width to '4', go around again,. For more, set width to '2'. I said its tedious!! Set 'Magic wand' at low enough tolerance so as not to 'select/highlight' any of your image & delete the white. Use 'lasso select to remove remaining 'everything else' around your image. I rarely 'save' images, I 'save as' & add "n" to the name & always save as PNG or PDN file. (n = new) (for me) CTRL - A & copy this image, Select your 'new' background, 'Ad new layer', 'Paste', You can move your image around on your background to where ever you like. 'Save As' & change name (add another letter/number) to save. Hope this makes sense, , , , -corne-
  6. I was explaining how I solved my problem. How is my os dangerous to you??
  7. I have had a 'dot net framework' problem several times. the installer would start installing dotnetframework, then stop & undo everything back to square one. No explaination. What worked for me was manually installing 'dot net' manually & pdn installed no problemo. I need for XP & XP 64 bit (yeah yeah, I'm a dinosaur!!) -c-
  8. cornemuse

    Need help with layers

    Not sure here, , , take original (first) image & add new layer, paste/draw? 'whatever it is you want - bat calls' to image, Ctrl A - copy - New - ok - Paste. Now Ctrl A - Copy - New - ok - Paste. Save as (Ctrl shift A) give it a name, this should be only 'whatever it is you want' at the same aspect ratio as the original (first) file. Go back to original & delete layer, do same thing with all new 'bat calls' graphics. You can copy/paste 'em up (with new layer for each) My thought process is a bit unorthodox/convoluted, I hope this makes sense, , , , , Would take a while to show with graphics, I could if you want, , , , -c-
  9. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    This is neat! What I did was print it then hold it up & move it parallel to one set of lines '/////', then move it in parallel to \\\\ lines. -c- edit: you'll see!! have to print it tho, , , ,
  10. cornemuse

    Paint.NET is getting noticed!

    On a lotta forums I am registered on, When people ask, I always recommend Paint.NET. (FWIW, I have the newer version on a W-7 machine but still prefer (3.5.??) on my W XP 64 bit machine) -c-
  11. cornemuse

    Stereogram / Autostereogram Tutorial

    Would be nice to include the 2 'dots', when they're there, I can allus see the image, , , ,
  12. OK, we have rectangle, lasso, ellipse, select, magic wand, , , Would it be possible (or have I just missed it) a select tool as the 'line / curve' tool, but not a line, rather a select tool like the line/curve tool but rather than a line, one would have an adjustable width/length/curvable select tool. Does this make sense to you?? Like tracing over a line/whatever but only selecting it?
  13. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    I really hope I am not offending anyone here, , , , ,
  14. cornemuse

    Optical Illusion Thread

    A few: Also, Install this : (the one (turn off voice que rightaway!) Its a screensaver, from a college class use #pad numbers, , , , you'll see. (edit need to expand it) Try screenphaser with these (or any images)!
  15. Exactly! I have the same problem finding the cursor, too. This 'works', , , , , after a fashion. -c-