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  1. Its a joke, Its a joke. "No rational" person etc etc
  2. Heres a pair of 16-9 wallpapers (d/l'd & cropped, dont remember where from) Both are dazzling on a 27" monitor!! (edit: d/l & view full screen on your comp) -c-
  3. Green Book I think this is a most excellent film.
  4. "The Death of Stalin" outrageously funny (I think)
  5. Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear!! -c-
  6. Jpg images are lossy, is this the right term? I save images as pdn, png, bmp, & jpg. (1st thing I always do is save original images as png) If I have saved an image as jpg, not close it, then (add layer paste etc,) modify it , does this effect its image quality? Does this question make sense? Every time a jpg is 'opened' & modified then closed its 'quality' degrades, right? What about as above? I could (ctrl-z) back to pdn, png, or bmp, (1st lossless image) & then modify, would this make any difference? Make sense? -corne-
  7. An movie and tv series, from Austrailia = 'Mystery Road', Movie is ok, I prefered the series, not the same story line as the movie. -c-
  8. If you do it a lot, you get used to it. I prolly coulda done the whole pic in 2-3 minutes. How I've always done it. (I do it a lot!)
  9. I remove like this: (takes a while I still use 3.5.1, old!) Line white, "all the way around" (edit: a sample here of pic.) (rec. select from above, duh!) Not showing, but Magic wand 26% (<-default for me) (edit: added blue background) White is -gone- (on my comp = checker pattern) Magic wand at "maximum without selecting everything" (for me was 68%) White is -gone- (on my comp = checker pattern) antialiasing enabled = smoother edges. (I rarely disable antialiasing) I have not added more than 1 or 2 plugins, dont even remember which ones, , , , , (edit: added blue background)
  10. Watched "Victoria and Abdul", Funny & sad at the end, I really enjoyed this. 9/10