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  1. A couple of Brit tv series. Prime Suspect, 7 seasons worth. With Helen Mirrin, most excellent production. Another season more recently, different actress, also british, also excellent. The Night Manager from a spy novel by John Le Carre. Also well done, follows the novel closely. (the novel is a good read too). 6 or 7 hours long.
  2. Didja know, every fourth frog is a leap frog!
  3. I actually made one of these, (not this one) they really work!
  4. I think it is the TV thread. Ashes to Ashes, that is. Problem is its only available as region 2 dvds. Too bad for US market! There was also a (S) Korean version (Life on Mars) made also!
  5. Does anybody here remember (on ABC, from years ago) a series called "Life on Mars"? Had Harvey Kietel & Gretchen Mol among others. It was actually a pretty good series. Anyways, it was based on a BBC same-named series. I have been watching the british one, (16 episodes, I think). The BBC one is better than the ABC one, outrageously funny! Brits allow stuff NOT allowed here. If you can find it, well worth watching! I like both!
  6. Actual rubber stamp I created & bought on line. (yes. I have a wierd sense oh humor)
  7. Its a joke, Its a joke. "No rational" person etc etc
  8. Heres a pair of 16-9 wallpapers (d/l'd & cropped, dont remember where from) Both are dazzling on a 27" monitor!! (edit: d/l & view full screen on your comp) -c-
  9. Green Book I think this is a most excellent film.