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  1. is there a was to do some easy selecting when colors are close? like in http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2309 it makes me sad because its hard to select the hair or even the eye RIGHT. so does any one have any tips? appretiate it, not the real cow.
  2. WARNING! your "friends" are deserting photoshop for PdN!
  3. i have to make a map for class, and i want a signature compass rose from all my friends at PaintDotNet =) i guess if you like, you could come up with one, if you have nothing else to do =D
  4. well, i have no idea how to think "cool" and make awesome sigs n' such... but if i DID have a cool idea id have NO IDEA how to do it. plus im not much of a drawer. ive read all the posts in this forum, so please dont send me knocking on another door, else i will be sad :s thanks! -Cow
  5. how do ya rotate the selection? im so nooby T_T i have a selected thing i want to rotate... so how do i do it? i mean by like 80â–“ (degrees) never mid o.o i found out, but sometimes i try to rotate and the thing dissapears O.O
  6. can you help me get the backround off this guy? im new to the forums and i JUST DLed paint.net and fooled around ^^ ty
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