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  1. This is something that always annoys me when I use paint.net. I use the eyedropper tool, try to figure out why it isnt working, and realize its sampling the layer. Sampling a layer only is almost never done, and its annoying to always switch towards it. The reason i cant just keep the sampling of the Eyedropper to layer is because when i set the Sampling of the Eyedropper to Image, it also sets the Magic Wand to sample from the image, which is also something that you rarely use. You keep having to figure out why thats happening and you have to switch a part of me dies whenever i sample a colour and get this
  2. The default is Black and White, but i think it would be useful if you could change this, for example, if you want white to instead be transparent
  3. i want to know if i have the latest version so is there a way to see if i do?
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