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  1. Wow, glad he is doing ok. I am sure that can be scary for both of you.
  2. @midora I am sure everyone would love to see it in action. I know I would! Can you replace the rubber bands or is it something that once its complete don't touch it. If you can replace them, maybe moisturize the rubber bands once in a while. I know it sounds funny but I guess they are somewhat like skin.
  3. @midora That really is cool and so beautiful. Must be awesome to see it move.
  4. Ladybug

    Mancs page.

    @Manc I like how the handle "thingies" are so well rounded. The wood grain you chose is very realistic.
  5. In my high school days I worked at two nursing homes, delivering the meal trays and feeding the residents who could not do it themselves. I grew fond of many of them as they told me cool stories. I have also been a bank teller at 2 different banks, a Quality Control Monitor for Visa International and my longest job and one I really enjoyed was as an Editorial Technician handling the multi-media products written and edited by several lawyers. Have also worked in a grocery store in pretty much all departments they needed help, and for the Department of Veterans Affairs I worked as a medical clai
  6. @TrevorOutlaw, very distinguished! @pavlik1307 those are some mean muscles
  7. I have a question about challenge #73 - Insects since I have been in the wrong before regarding what to put in an entry. So for this one a branch is ok. I refrained from them since it was my understanding that it was not allowed. I don't see anything wrong with it myself just want clarification for further entries. Thanks!
  8. Well done to all the placers. And way to go to @lynxster4 for the two wins. Once again all entries were fantastic!
  9. Been working on shapes over a long period of time since I have been learning the wonderful tool Shape Maker. I was inspired by @lynxster4's prolific shapes creations to finally complete my pack.
  10. Worker Bees - pngitem.com Queen Bee - same as Worker Bees but modified Chaise Lounge - line.17qq.com
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