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  1. @Pixey, that tree is so pretty!


    Funny, growing up we always had an artificial tree because my mom was allergic to pine sap. A few years back, I was nanny for my cousin's son after she had a stroke; they had a real tree.  It actually struck me as really WEIRD! :lol: I wasn't too impressed with the dogs drinking out of the planter, either.


    My husband and I have an artificial tree, and given the way our cat climbs and chews I have to say it's probably for the best. Turns out putting pinecones under the tree doesn't work if the little furball can figure out how to jump over them!

  2. I have also had this happen, at least twice weekly on average. I'll be several layers in to a large project, and then when I try to use the Effects menu it opens very slowly. When it finally does open, the only submenu items visible are usually the ones built directly into PDN. Within 2-5 minutes, the program crashes. If I'm lucky, it gives me a chance to apply the effect first! After reading the error reports, I assumed that it was because I had a plugin that was not compatible with 4.0+. (I used to make frequent use of "Tile Image," but Curtis' plugin pack has some out-of-date plugins and I can't seem to find the updated ones individually.) I updated to 4.0.13 and deleted the plugin pack in question, but had the same error while I was colorizing a photo.


    I've never experienced this with the Adjustments menu (or Layers, Tools, etc.).


    I will see tonight if I can trigger the error deliberately so I can save the error report and any additional details I can find. Would technical specifications of my computer be of any help?


  3. So, my fur-daughter Mach Five has figured out how to close the lid on her soft food container to save some for tomorrow. I did not show her this; she just started pushing it back in place. I don't know why, but this makes me very dorktastically happy.


    If she ever learns how to stretch out her thumbs, we're all in trouble.



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