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  1. Thanks. I hope this helps lots of people. . Good luck with your school projects
  2. I was obsessed with terror squad, and I wanted to be in a gang, so I put the two together and came up with Gansqa (gang/squad)
  3. Hey sorry, new around here and didn't know how to put it in the tutorials. It's not supposed to be spam, just wanted others to know it was out there so they can use it. I use it a lot and it's really helpful. Just saving people time for looking around for one. Also it saves me having to write a whole new section if someone does ask. I will remove it if need be. Didn't realize about the rules. My bad. I better check next time aye. . Thanks for the help David.atwell.
  4. Do you want to be able to use CustomBrushesMini v1.9 for Paint.NET to its full capacity? Then read on How do I download CustomBrushesMini v1.9? Download the plugin from here How do I Install CustomBrushesMini v1.9? Unzip your file (SBPLUGINSBESTD-uc-3040815-d.zip) and go to the folder \Effects. There should be three files there. "CustomBrushesMini.dll", "CustomBrushesMini.pdb" & "SBCommon.dll" (This last file is IMPORTANT!). Copy these files to your Paint.NET Effects Folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects). What do I do next? Open up
  5. I have learnt that Anim8or is a great free program. free to download and GREAT to use with Paint.NET. Anim8or is a program used to make 3D images. good fun
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