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  1. I made tank game as plugin for paint dot net. This plugin is not accesible on plugins thread. Would you like me to make a topic on tanks here topic ?
  2. This plugin is a my clone of tank game from NES. For playng you need activate any control element on plugin window. Control: Motion - for move tank (player tank centered on level); Fire - for repeatly fire; Reset - for refresh level. Writed on C++/C# in CodeLab. Coding video For download needs version of Paint.net 4.2.12
  3. AdvDith-en.zipAdvDith - dithering effect used 2 color (black & white). Interface (ENG lang avaliable) Avaliable desaturation algorithms: ITU-R BT.2100; ITU-R BT.709; ITU-R BT.601; MAXMIN2; Pifagor; Only red; Only green; Only blue; Average. Dithering algorithms: Ordered 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 8x8 - Bayer dither. Mpre(i,j) = (Mint(i,j)+1) / n^2 - 0.5; Lines vertical/horizontal; Floyd-Steinberg, Floyd false; Jarvis-Judice-Ninke; Stucki; Burkes; Sierra3, Sierra2, Sierra2-4A; Atkinson; Random. For Paint.net v4.2.12. Download Supprot me for more plugins :3
  4. Plugin for converting images to old style tile-based graphic. Video demo Example: Interface (ENG ver avaliable): Avaliable palettes: CGA - 3 pal's; MSX1 - screen mode 1; MSX2 - 4 color palette; ZX Spectrum - standart graphic; Posterization 1-3 bit. For paint.net version 4.2.10 Download Supprot me for more plugins :3
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