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  1. Gee, thanks Guys, I never expected this You have just made my day complete after a 12 hour work pattern. Thanks again all of you.
  2. This looks like an interesting plugin @Pratyush Thank you for the share
  3. Having something of A Sinead O'Connor evening.
  4. I have a selection of palettes if it's of any help as a starting point. Some Palettes.zip
  5. Why don't you just place your cursor over the size box and change the value with your mouse wheel ?
  6. R.I.P then Edward Allan Clarke (AKA Fast Eddie)
  7. Hope you have had a nice Birthday @Pixey
  8. Amazing work, I only wish I had seen one of their performances. For absolutely no reason I found myself putting on the Album by Anne Dudley (Art of Noise) & Jaz coleman (Killing Joke) Songs from the victorious city. A stunning sonic trip through Cairo and well worth hunting down.
  9. Bigger in Europe than in her homeland, the UK.
  10. Many thanks @MadJik Fill from palette / Smooth noise and then Shape 3D.
  11. @welshblue I'm sure you would like lexicon of love II. A first rate album in it's own right. Meanwhile, another first class song.
  12. Congratulations @lynxster4 @Pixey @welshblue @Seerose and @nitenurse79 nice entries and worthy winner and runner up's Thank you @Pixey for a smooth running comp
  13. Song stuck in your head all day Part #2 Enjoy
  14. Having now the store version of pdn. Trying to install your shapes pack V1.0.1 zip I get this prompt:
  15. GTS Finnjet, my charge from February 1990 - April 2001. Photo self taken @ Helsinki, July 1991, rediscovered in the Mottoman Archive
  16. Once you have made and are happy with your text, you can save this "text layer" as a .png and use it again in another card project, by simply importing it as a new layer.
  17. Does this plugin actually work on pdn now ? In another post Rick mentions that OptionBasedLibrary.dll's should not go in the pdn root folder, but the instructions on installing state the opposite. Installation - Copy the two files OptionBasedLibrary vX.X.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\ folder (NOT to Paint.NET\Effects\ !!!) - Copy the two files PrintIt.Effect.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\Effects\ folder - Do not remove older versions of the OptionBasedLibrary if they are required from other plugins.
  18. I heard this on the radio this morning on the drive to work, and it has been stuck in my mind all day. Please enjoy
  19. Thanks @Pixey that version worked. Sadly this is all I could come up with, I got lost at some steps and certainly got lost when highlights and shading were mentioned. I also couldn't remove the thick grey line no matter what. Will perhaps try again another time.
  20. Unticking outline layer gave me this result: Also Edge detect (fuzzy) although installed .dll where it should go, is not showing up in paint.net 4.0.19 using windows 10 fall creators update.
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