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  1. Really nicely texturized!! My coffee tends to be black most times, but I'd like this creamy cup too!
  2. I hope you get better soon, Woodsy. Take good care of yourself!
  3. I've found all topics appealing so far. Sadly for me, I haven't been able to participate so far, and I can't even participate in the signature contests either. Like many artists on the forum, I hardly ever know when to call it quits when it comes to details and satisfactory results
  4. John Deere's manure spreader is the only equipment the company won't stand behind.
  5. These look so cute they don't seem cheap at all
  6. I was a fan of The Equalizer TV series back in the second half of the 80s when I was a child-almost-teen, starring the late Edward Woodward as Robert McCall —a retired intelligence agent turned Samaritan (in case you're unfamiliar with the plot), role for which he won a Golden Globe in 1987—. I quite like the 2014 remake for the big screen starring Denzel Washington. Perhaps I like it too much because I've seen it more than twice... a little over four times actually and it seems there's a sequel due in 2018. Here I leave a fragment of the ending scenes of the 2014 movie in case you're interested and haven't seen it yet:
  7. I'm not normally in for love stories, but The Age of Adaline is one with a twist and so I took a dive. Blake Lively has been doing groovy flicks, I think (have a go at The Shallows if you're after something gorier and action-packed a la shark attack).
  8. Thanks for the extension, Pixey, and I wish Woodsy a speedy recovery!
  9. Welcome and good luck!
  10. Super cute apples, and many congrats on the Galleria promotion!
  11. It's normally one sig per post in this contest as well. If you want to submit more than one sig, then you should make one post for each sig you want to submit.
  12. Kaleidoscopic and breathtaking!!
  13. Thank you very much for your kind comments, dear friend @Seerose!
  14. Thank you for your constant support, dear Seerose!
  15. A little boy swallowed some coins and was taken to hospital. When his mom asked a nurse how he was doing, the nurse replied “no change yet”. As for the mom, no one had realized her dental implant until it came out in this conversation. Now, I'm never a grumbler when it comes to toothaches because I've been to the dentist's a number of times, and so I know the drill. (Hope you liked the anecdotes )