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  1. It's super weird that I remain unable to access the full size image (now I get a "file not found" error) but now I see a popup window with a little bigger thumbnail. Despite the persistent difficulties, I can see the portrait a little better now
  2. Is the David Bowie portrait a thumbnail to a larger image? If so, I can't get to load it I can view the bigger Isgerdr if I click on its thumbnail, but when I click on Bowie only a blank page shows up
  3. You may not quite sea it, but I'm not posting this on porpoise. I'm just fishing for reps and laughs because I'm diving into hooking you in So, water you thinking of it? Took the bait already?
  4. Looking like a mischievous little dude!
  5. Is it an all-PdN work? It looks fantastic!
  6. I'm with MJW. I feel one week is not always enough to complete a project, or more than one if a person wants to submit a few entries. It's a good theme, Woodsy. As good as any other!
  7. For the fans of the good old Miami Vice, because I'm feeling nostalgic tonight.