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  1. Greetings to all participants, voters, reppers, the host, and everyone involved in the continuation of these contests! It's good to be here!
  2. If it's a matter of tossing coins, you can borrow any of my three eagle coins... or you can toss one of your own. No problem at all
  3. That's super pretty, Andrew! Good job!
  4. Cute additions!
  5. Those are very fine examples! (I know about Viking axes, though I'm yet to test myself on whether I'll be able to reproduce them) Thanks to @Woodsy and @toe_head2001 for allowing me to choose the theme this time around. I can always enjoy choosing themes!
  6. Greetings to fellow winners and to all participants and voters, and also to toe_head for hosting the competition. Making my cubes has been an enjoyable experience
  7. Easily my favorite song from the grunge movement. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell (July 20, 1964 – May 17, 2017) 🤘 “I don't mind stealing bread From the mouths of decadence But I can't feed on the powerless When my cup's already overfilled...”
  8. Ice dragons! I love them! Go ahead with the project! (I think this tutorial may give you some tips on ice dragons, especially on how the icy scales should look like when finished).
  9. Getting better and better, my dear friend. Now all facial and body features are more visible. Cool fiery job!!(I'm starting to feel like drawing a dragon myself )
  10. No problem, always glad to help!
  11. Very welcome!
  12. Sorry to bother, @Pixey, but I would say that next Saturday is the 20th of May, not the 19th