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  1. Forum Layout/Color

    We can always ask our dear mods, though perhaps they won't like the idea
  2. Forum Layout/Color

    Mhm, I'd also love to be able to give more than 7 per day. I think the allowed number should be doubled
  3. Forum Layout/Color

    As per what I've been able to check, both upvotes and likes are added as reputation points, or so it seems so far.
  4. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    I agree with keeping the original link. The server was also down for me yesterday, but seems to be working normally today
  5. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    In case Ego can't find a backup, here's my copy of the zip archive containing all files needed: ColorHarmonies.Effect
  6. LionsDragon's Gallery--"Hrafna--Almost Home"

    Someone's making steady progress along the path of artistry development, which is a very positive achievement in itself And I'm always glad to be of help whenever I can help in any way Coffee and cookies underway!!
  7. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    Looking so cosmic!!
  8. They look like relief paintings on canvas
  9. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    I think you've done a pretty fine job, MJW. I'm especially impressed by the ice cubes you've achieved.
  10. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    A variation of a birthday card I did last year for a friend: Moment of peace
  11. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    These little characters are a personal interpretation of a local ad I saw the other day: A welcome committee
  12. SOTW#170 - Entries - BIRDS.

    Departed from two sketches of mine. All composition and edition on PdN Stop and taste the flower