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  1. Dear Maximilian! <3 

    Thank you so much for nice comments! Glad you like it! 

    Sunday finished. So not even a week old. :coffee: :cake: or :pizza::pizza: :beer: 

    1. Maximilian


      Very welcome, dear friend! JC_Hi-Five.gif

  2. Cute new profile pic, dear Seerose! Laie_60Bmini.gifviannen_90.gif

    1. Maximilian


      Oh, your cover photo looks equally cute as well JC_clap.gif It's strange I hadn't noticed it before scratch_one-s_head.gif


  3. If you're really interested in improving low quality images, there are a few interesting tricks you can try with varying levels of success depending on the original image quality. One of such techniques is addressed in this thread, a technique discovered by Ego himself nearly a couple years ago and several times used by yours truly, where there's some input by me as well. Hope it hits close to where you're aiming at 👍
  4. Woodsy, you're the Picasso of lumber! I can barely imagine the amount of time invested in such a detailed piece
  5. I've long since wanted to start learning German and I think ingwer's videos will be useful for listening practice. That way I can both review a plugin and learn a language, two for the price of one
  6. I've never been really good at math and that's why the equation 2n+2n is 4n to me
  7. Nice snow globe! Very good!
  8. Super useful and well explained tutorial, hippiechos! 👍 I've been studying shading for some time, mostly for pencil-on-paper sketches, and it's impressive how a work's aspect changes when shaded. This will surely come in handy since I also enjoy tweaking my sketches digitally
  9. Exactly! I wanted some more fine-tuned search in order to get a specific list of all the posts I've made to a specific thread and probably forgot I ever wrote, and so I wanted a quicker access to them. Apparently not possible. Yes, that's what I've been suspecting. I guess the most straightforward option for me is to bookmark any post I make and that I feel I may need again in future. Thanks for the offer, Ego. I'll let you know if I need anything in particular 👍
  10. Hi, everyone! I'm not sure if I'm missing something, or if it can be done at all, but I'd like to find a way to get a list of all the posts I've made in a long thread. Checking my activity in a short discussion takes no time, but for threads that contain over 100 posts the search gets time-consuming. I'd greatly appreciate any input on this (most likely there's a search option I'm not seeing).
  11. Nice technique, @hippiechos. I second LionsDragon above; it's a clever tute
  12. Welcome, dear Seerose!