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    Using the tools I have available, checking out new tools I can get my hands on, speedpainting, graphic design, digital and traditional painting, art-related tutorials (I like reading and learning), and creative commons

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  1. I would have like to participate, but...I'm not good managing my time. And I thought: Okay. It's better to choose only one competition. I'll chose the other next time. That way, I can save myself some peace of mind for not submitting the entry on time.
  2. Oh! The more you know... XD I just can't ignore the details. You're welcome. X]
  3. That's a lot of layers. And I know about working with a lot of layers. X] *constantly copies layers when painting* I'm confused. I went to the search, and found 2 similar plugins; one of them is from BoltBait. It's called Bevel Selection (unless the plugin got its name changed while I was absent.) o_o As for the half-tones, I meant the background. I'm not sure it it's my screen, but I see a texture that reminds me of the fill options Paint.NET has for many of its tools, like the brush ( ) and the bucket ( ). I see it around the suncatcher and on the borders of the image. Sorry if I wasn't specific. ^^;
  4. I like them. They're very colorful. Also...did you use half-tones? :]
  5. For a while, I couldn't see the page. I didn't get a screenshot of it, sadly. I hope everything is okay here. :/

  6. I hope he gets well. :]
  7. Okay. Thanks. :]
  8. I like the three latest images. I just had to go and search for examples of psychedelic art since these images remind me of it. :]
  9. I've watch Junk 2. I liked how you used photos for the animation. :]
  10. Second and last entry: This is an abstract of two hearts, filled with a bunch of textures and colors. It's funny that this one took less time than the other.
  11. Thanks. :]
  12. Hi. :] By the way, that's a good outcome. I like the colors. :]
  13. Two bald boys facing each other. They stare at the viewer, unfazed at what's happening to them.
  14. About the SOTW #164, should I post the sigs individually (like in Object of the Fortnight)? Or should I post them in a single comment?