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  1. You can dot it yourself with a custom palette like I did in the example below: As you can see, I used four colour "places" for each of the colours in my palette, so I made a larger "target", much like the example by BoltBait.
  2. I think what Eli identified as issues with the strikeout and underline options can be explained by what simmetric described as "..a superfluous space at the end".
  3. The error refers to a custom palette (included in the pack) that could not be installed. This is because you have no other custom palettes and, therefore, no "Palettes" folder. There are two ways around the problem. One, is to use the Windows File Explorer to create the folder yourself in the same path indicated in the error message. Two, is to force Paint.NET to create the folder by saving a custom palette you made yourself. How? See here: Working With Palettes Just change a few of the colours of the default palette and save it under any name. You can later delete it, if you have no use for it, using File Explorer.
  4. Yesterday I had to revert to my old phone, the one with the intro to "All Revved Up" for a ringing tone. I usually get smiles and nods of approval when it rings in public
  5. If you still have access to the image, remove the white background before you paste in the image. 1. File > New (Ctrl+N), set the desired size, click "OK". 2. Edit > Select All (Ctrl+A), Edit > Erase Selection (Del) 3. Copy the desired image (in any browser: right click > copy image) 4. Paste copied image on transparent background: Edit > Paste (Ctrl+V)
  6. let's see.. Success! Who would've thought!
  7. The imgur button works fine, but that's only for thumbnails. Win 10 on PC and Firefox is my case that didn't work for the image proper. I'll remember to try IE next time and see what happens.
  8. I tried to insert images hosted at Imgur but the "Insert other media > Insert image from URL" does not work. I paste the URL in the pop-up window but nothing happens. The "Add imgur thumbnail link" however works just fine.
  9. Step 1: Image > Canvas Size (Ctrl+Shift+R) Step 2: Remove white background with Color Clearer Step 3: Add Drop Shadow Step 4: Use AA's Assistant See the result with steps:
  10. I came back to this thread to confirm the crash and probable incompatibility with PDN 4. Thank you toe_head. You fixed it in the time it took me to test it!
  11. I understand the reasons for the installer and I certainly respect the right of creators to distribute their work as they see fit, especially when they do it for free. No complaints. On the contrary I'm grateful to Rick, all the plugin authors, the tutorial writers, all the mods and everyone offering their time, help, ideas and work on this forum. It's just that I am used in dealing with individual dll's and that I make a habit of saving individual dll's of all the plugins for possible future use. Of course there is always the option of installing everything and then cut-paste the dll's in another folder.
  12. Thank you for your hard work EER. I wish I had the option to download a zip with just the plugins. Not a fan for the installer that seems to be the latest craze.
  13. Aha! Well I always use WinRAR. Matter of habit I guess as I've been using it for ages and ages. Apart from the difference in the date format and the adjustment for the time zone, I'm pleased to report NO side effects.
  14. Have you read this? HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS/General Plugin Troubleshooting (click on it).
  15. I think the timestamp depends on each user's time zone and date format preferences. On my PC it says: 12/09/16 ‏‎05:35 You're better off advising users to check the version number through the dll properties. BTW, thank you, taoyue, for as great plugin that I use a lot.