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  1. Very many congrats to all participants. Each entry is quite an accomplished achievement
  2. Alternatively, you may want to have a go at Red ochre's Poster plugin which I think provides better-looking results:
  3. Thank you, dear Seerose. Your kindness is much appreciated 👍
  4. I've just stumbled upon this plugin and thought I'd provide a compilation for PdN 3.5.11 should anyone need it. Thanks for the code and icon, MJW! Unselected Rectangle Keeper for PdN
  5. One of the greatest wonders of the universe herewith unveiled for thee to witness
  6. Glad to have pleased your ears, dear @lynxster4
  7. Gregorian + Amelia Brightman (Sarah Brightman's younger sister)
  8. Here it is: BoltBait's TemperatureTint for PdN
  9. I'm feeling a predilection for the second piece. The central section looks like tapestry, or maybe like a carpet or rug I think
  10. Very cute rosary! I especially like the beads texture
  11. Thanks for the code, BoltBait! Is it okay if I post a zip with a 3.5.11 compilation for those who may not have (or may be afraid of) CodeLab?
  12. Cool job! It looks indeed operatic!
  13. The always lovable Snoopy and Woodstock